Super Mario Odyssey wasn't the first game to show off Mario's nipples

Looks like we've been living a lie, gang. Turns out there was another game to show off Mario's nipples prior to Super Mario Odyssey. The honor now goes to Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which featured a Miiverse stamp showcasing Mario sans shirt. They may just be two tiny pixels, but it still counts!


Thu Oct 18 18 07:22am
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Holy crap! This is still a thing?

Surprised? Look at the whole Bowsette situation....some people latch onto something and never let go.

The internet is making us go crazy.

I think we were always crazy. The internet just lets us show people just how crazy we are Smile

Why is this still a thing?! Actually... why did this ever become a thing in the first place?!

It took quite a while, but thanks for finally sharing some curiosities from the Supper Mario Broth media! A lot of really curious trivia stuff dwells between the original page and the Twitter account...

I guess that Sega does what Nintendon't (Yeah I'll shut up now)

I'm guessing Kotaku now has nearly a dozen clickbait articles to update with more accurate information.

Fri Oct 19 18 07:18am
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Wasn't one of the Nintendo Club pictures this one earlier than SMO?


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