Fan-Art: Combining Garfield with Smash Bros. characters

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Once, there were two astronaut Garfield cats who lived and worked on the Moon. They were the only two cats working in their particular Moon Base, so of course they fell in love and “did it with eachother.” 58-67 days later, a kitten was born in space. And they were all happy, for a time, living on the Moon as a nice family. But then the kitten grew up a little and joined some internet message boards and found out about a fight club back on Earth. They didn’t have fight clubs on the Moon, cause that would’ve just meant wrestling his mom or dad, and nobody wants to do that. So he stole a rocket and blasted off to check this thing out, not realizing that the propulsion jets on his ship would be SUPER powerful and set their base ablaze with moon flames. Anyway, so he killed his parents, but in his head he blamed the fight club for being so compelling that he felt he needed to leave, and that’s why he fights dirty and uses a laser gun in a street brawl. He doesn’t respect rules, he doesn’t care. He’s here for false vengeance. His real name is Cat McCloud...but his enemies call him STAR FIELD. #garfield #supersmashbros #starfox #foxmccloud #snes #starfox64 #smashbros #smash #nintendo #mashup #illustration #digitalart #design #popculture #gamer #videogames #n64 #melee #brawl #clickbait #whocares #popart #character #smashmain #smashfields

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Why turn Garfield into Smash Bros. characters? I think the answer is simple. The internet loves Garfield. Sure, we might love to poke fun at the character, but that still means Garfield gets traction. With Smash Bros. Ultimate right around the corner, it just makes sense to combine the two brands for tons of exposure! That's what artist Shawn Bowers is doing, and it seems to be going quite well for him! Check out more of his combinations right here.

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on mondays, garfox is too lazy to pilot the arwing

I hate stage gimmicks.

Can we have Nerwolf and Falcoddie?

Mon Oct 22 18 09:44pm
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Jigglygarf is my favorite 😺

Tue Oct 23 18 12:19am
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Marfield is a fat, Italian cat. He was the owner of his own plumbing company, but his true laziness and unwillingness to work on Mondays killed the business. Faced with a mortgage and a pile of credit card debt, he started holding secret catfights in the unfinished basement of his former office space, which he calls “Smashes.” His mommy made his overalls and tiny cap, and he loves his mommy and wears them to honor her.

"Now where could my Warp Pipe be?"

If only the comics could be what they used to be.


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