Sega close to making Dreamcast games on Switch a reality

According to a recent interview from FamitsuSEGA’s Naoki Horii stated that the Nintendo Switch was close to successfully running Dreamcast titles via emulation. Horii also explained that, because the developers still have the source code for many of their Dreamcast games, they could theoretically remake or port over certain Dreamcast games altogether. However, for the time being, Sega is leaning more toward simply emulating the games instead. Whether or not Sega will continue to push forward with their "Dreamcast on Switch" development is still a mystery, but at least we are one step closer to the possibility!

Thanks to Thatwaluigidude for the heads-up!

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That will be interesting. I wonder what games Sega has that it can bring over and that people will want to buy (because they are fun and have aged well).

Crazy Taxi, PowerStone, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Set Radio come to mind. The Shenmue collection would also be nice on the Switch.

I would love to see all those as well as House of the Dead 2 and many more.

Cosmic Smash was a really good game.

One step closer to having Sea Man on the go.

SeGaGaGa HD Remix, when?

Space Channel 5. You know it's time.

I would really like this... But I think I would like a new one even more.

Oh, we are getting a new one, too. I just want the first game to be rereleased!

If this happens, it will show up Nintendo badly. The Dreamcast is slightly older than the Gamecube.

What is wrong with you? This is good for everyone. How did you make this a negative thing.

Skies of Arcadia (Legends), please. A Top 5 RPG game easily that has never been reproduced.

I just checked on eBay, as I occasionally do, and there's one auction that's up to $75. If there are people willing to spend that much, imagine how many people are willing to spend $20 on a remake.

I bought my used copy of SoA Legends for Gamecube for the full price of a modern new game.
I played it. I beat it, doing almost everything the game had to offer and...

Yeah, it was a fair price. (I'm only partially joking. It was showing it's age like nobody's business but the game was incredible and so very unique.)

Will Sonic adventure 2 come with it's DLC?

I've got both the Gamecube and Dreamcast versions of SoA. I'll probably buy a Switch version.

Simple emulation with enhanced resolution and preferably a widescreen hack for games where it's possible is good enough for me.

Close? I mean, the switch is powerful enough to port Wii u games so why is Sega struggling for dreamcast?

Anyways, i want the gcn port of skies of Arcadia. Shouldn't be impossible right Sega?

Port isn't the same as emulation. Even with HLE and knowledge of the hardware it takes a lot of processing power to simulate a different CPU and GPU.

At this rate, I doubt SEGA can do it...

It's the licensing that was the problem. Dreamcast games had a lot of ads and brands in them that need to be removed. Crazy Taxi's soundtrack would have to be redone too.

I'd like to see Skies of Arcadia get a HD remake.


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