Is today's Smash Bros. Ultimate leak just crazy enough to be believable?

If you don't want any potential spoilers for roster additions in Smash Bros. Ultimate, do not hit the jump. As long as you're cool with that, feel free to click through.

The image above is the talk of the town with Smash Bros. fans today. As you can see, it supposedly leaks a handful of characters for Smash Bros. Ultimate. The thing is, is this leak believable?

The image itself has all the hallmarks of your classic internet fake. It's ridiculously blurry first off, which always seems to be the case with leaks. On top of that, the characters included in the leak are absolutely crazy. We're talking about some major dream characters here. Banjo-Kazooie AND Geno will be playable? I mean, it seems like it's just too good to be true, no matter how bad we want it to be.

Here's the thing, though. The person behind the leak has been confirmed as an employee tied to Bandai Namco. Nintendo is working with Bandai Namco on Smash Bros. Ultimate. In that sense, there's a slight case to be made for this leak being real. Obviously that person is going to end up fired if this leak is legit, and would someone really risk their job to leak these characters, yet not make sure their name wasn't tied to the leak?

I want this to be real, but I'm thinking it's fake for now. Which side of the fence are you on?

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Wed Oct 24 18 03:10pm
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After reading all the information on this leak, I'm leaning hard into real.

I'm going with Team Real so Sakurai can unleash a profanity-laced tirade on everyone in the final Smash Direct.

I’m saying Fake based on Banjo-Kazooie alone.

Wed Oct 24 18 03:24pm
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Its possible for banjo to be there. mS and Nintendo have been in good terms lately

Any character is “possible”. I just don’t believe it at this time Smile

Hopefully I’m wrong and it opens the door to more Rare stuff on Switch.

Phil spencer has multiple times stated he'd love for banjo to be in smash

Playing nice on Twitter isn’t confirmation of anything.

Wed Oct 24 18 03:10pm
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After reading all the information on this leak, I'm leaning hard into real.

Team hope it is real. I’m feel fake though because of the name reveal? Seems like someone could look up someone who works at Bandai Namco and just slap their name on whatever fake leak they make? Idk

They don’t work directly for Namco, they work at a printing company that Namco employes.

Oh, interesting. I still think something may have happened along the same lines.

Until the details have been confirmed by Nintendo themselves, I will still remain in disbelief about this.

I mean this is a lot of work for a fake. Doesn't rule out the possibility of it being a fake, of course, but still..

Anyway, parts of this seem more likely than others. Shadow and Ken make total sense as echo fighters, and Isaac and Chorus Kids make sense. I actually believe Geno is plausible, too, given how long fans have been clamoring for him, and with Cloud already being in it stands to reason that Square-Enix would be up to it. It's just the last two that are red flags. Nintendo and Microsoft are more buddy-buddy than they used to be, if only because they teamed up to bully Sony into cross-platform play (rightfully, mind you), but I question whether they can put aside all the Rare baggage to include them. But it's ultimately Mach Rider that makes me the most skeptical; that is the one of the most obscure, least-worthy Nintendo characters imaginable, so is it crazy or crazy like a fox?

Eh, to hell with it, I'll bet on real.

Wed Oct 24 18 03:27pm
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If you look at the image by itself, it screams fake.

When you actually start reading into the whole story... it's hard not to believe it.

What makes it more real for me than the "leak" is the characters that are already in there. Example, Bowser and Yoshi are more distant from each other, along with other characters being moved around. However, if there's a character that has had its art obscured in older art and is visible in the new one, then it's a done deal for me.

The lack of a pokemon makes me lean fake but I'd love if Issac and Ken were both in the game. And Mach Rider?!? Next to bubbles she's the NES rep I was hoping for the most so I'd be happy with that too. Geno's cool, Shadow's just there and BK is an oddball choice, but one that makes more sense than Crash or Rayman. (just please no direct rips from the irritating soundtrack)

The only one I don't know about it Chorus Kids. They're from Rhythm Heaven, I know... But how the heck are they supposed to fight and why are they in every rumor. It's almost as if they're an inside meme among leakers or something and they confuse me more than Game and Watch did when I saw his warning shadow literally be the exact same as the character I fought in Melee.

All leaks should be treated as fake until proven real, but there is a real possibility this is legit, and assuming it is then the person who posted it will regret doing so.

It looks way too good to be true, but the evidence in its favor is so compelling that I'm actually leaning towards team real.

I still remember Mach Rider’s trophy from Melee, for it was so COOL-looking back then!
In my childhood fantasies I wanted to have him as a moveable-figure or a game with him.
So having him in Smash Ultimate would be a long lost childhood-dream come true I NEVER thought would EVER happen!

Always thought that Excite Bike where more likely too happen than Mach Rider, but the sci-fi of MR make him a more interesting fighter to have for motorcycle+weapon>bike

So #TeamReal even if I would have changed Geno for Dixie Kong/AdvanceWars-character/Skull Kid

Haha, right? I'm in the same boat as you. I'd love for Mach Rider to be in the game. The Melee trophy just resonated so well with me. xD

I think it could be real and the evidence is hard to dispute but I'm still remaining skeptical. While none of these characters I personally care about I'm happy for the fans of these characters. I can't complain I did get King K.Rool, Ridley, Inklings, Isabelle, Wolf (revamped), Chrom, and Dark Samus. So I'm pretty happy and the only character I'm really disappointed that didn't make it again is Dixie Kong. According to this rumor Dixie was planned and cut yet again just like she was in Brawl. I wonder what it is that keeps preventing Dixie from being added?

Wed Oct 24 18 05:02pm
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If this ends up being real then I'm glad that guy is likely getting fired. I mean, why ruin it for everybody? Excitement isn't an excuse.

Even random tripping would be better than Shadow.

Probably should have led with the story, not the image. Granted, that's not easy to do, since we're all visual beings and all. The background info sounds more legit, but the image alone just makes me think, "is this like all those UFO hunters that just can't seem to get their hands on a decent HD camera???" But in this case it's a tiny wristband thing, okay, fine.

As for the "it's too good to be true", well, people have been asking for Geno and Banjo-Kazooie for YEARS. If it's at all possible, Nintendo will work to make it happen - or at least look into it. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they even considered - however briefly - some of the ludicrous fan requests that have always been around, like Goku. So if Square's just sitting on Geno and doing nothing with him, why not put him in Smash Bros. if everyone wants him?

Wed Oct 24 18 09:41pm
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Considering Mach Rider is one of my favorite NES games... I have trouble believing this. This would be too good. Sad

BUT. Mach Rider Music is in Smash Bros since a long time ago. :O

It's fake. Shadow is an assist trophy

His assist trophy has not be shown in Ultimate yet.

It's fake. Why would Nintendo include banjo kazooie if the IP itself is barely known out there?

Because the fans have been asking for them.

I wish it were real, also there was a Kos Mos at the top of the image.

I say it's fake: it's too blurry, it's too good to be true and there are too many new characters considering that Sakurai said that they were going to reveal them less frequently because there aren't many remaining while these are 6-7 with only 43 days until the release.

Probably fake but if it's not then someone's life is totally over.

Like Nintendo is going to take the leaker to court and say "This monster leaked Geno AND Chorus Kids" and the judge is going to say "Yes you are 100% correct. There is nothing that will make this right. The leaker can't just pay you back with money or jail time. They have to die."

I think we should not complain that much About characters. Nintendo hasn´t shown yet the very relevant Content nor even real changes in Gameplay... I´m kinda worried. What´cha think?

This was so wrong. And it can't be the DLC either.

Glad I skipped this until after the Direct. It probably would have set my expectations up to fall too hard.

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