Shadow of the Eternals 'not cancelled,' but not in active development

Remember back when Denis Dyack was working on Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, for the Wii U? That project failed to secure funding a couple of times, but Dyack pledged the game would continue on. Today in an IGN interview, Dyack says the game still isn't canned, but it's not actively being worked on.

“After a lot of discussion and debate we've come to agree with the feedback that now is not the right time for Shadow of The Eternals - it's not canceled, but it is also not going to be in active development for a while.”

I was pretty damn stoked for Shadow of the Eternals, but now it seems like it's going to be shelved for quite some time. Perhaps Nintendo needs to swoop in and scoop this one up for Switch!

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Reminds me of Sadness for the Wii.

To bad, because that too was a concept I liked.

That is heartbreaking to hear. I enthusiastically dropped money on this to get it funded.

Wed Oct 24 18 06:16pm
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When people talk about "great GameCube games" I usually see Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion and other games, but Eternal Darkness isn't always there. Eternal Darkness was one of the most remarkable experiences that I had on the console, but I can speak only for myself. It seems like the game didn't sell well, this campaign is not gathering funds, so... yeah. It's sad, but I still have hope.

Wed Oct 24 18 06:40pm
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Eternal Darkness is probably my favourite game from the Gamecube era. I’d love a rerelease or better a remake.

Wish Nintendo invested in more western style studios and build a more rounded portfolio.

Dyacks latest game announcement is stated as “for all platforms” so there’s a chance it’ll come to Switch. Unfortunately it’s stated as is a cooperative multiplayer, free-to-play RPG.

Still don't understand why they slapped Dennis's face on the project when he was a pretty small part of the team. They could have left him off the pitch and would have never had a funding problem

I don't think that's the entire story. People were also turned off by their idiotic decision to try and make it "episodic". By and large, people don't like paying for games in pieces.

Beyond that, I think they were stupid to not just go back to Nintendo, say "hey let's make a sequel", and have Nintendo publish it, non-episodic, as a Nintendo console exclusive like it should have been in the first place.

Realistically, it probably still wouldn't sell very well.

If it had happened on the Wii U, as it should have, I think it would have been a sorely needed exclusive.

And considering how well the Switch has been doing, I think if it happened on Switch it would do just fine. It isn't as if the original was a system seller. But it did pretty good for a new horror IP on a console not named PS2.

Eternal Darkness is absolutely a top 5 GC game. Did all 3 different play throughs and can't wait to play it again once my GC HDMI adapter comes in. The level with Anthony in the Church just made the game click for me. One of the best experiences I've had in gaming.
But don't believe anything that Dyack says. He's been known to do a lot of BS. Just ask Jeremy Parrish from Retronauts.


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