Nintendo shares one-year anniversary video for Super Mario Odyssey

Can you believe it's been a full year since Super Mario Odyssey launched? That's absolutely crazy to think about. I feel like the game just launched a couple months back! I still need to get in there and finish up every last moon. Perhaps now's the perfect time to do that!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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and yet we still haven't received any substantial DLC for this game...

Fri Oct 26 18 09:27pm
Rating: 2

Honestly, that's fine with me. The game is packed with more than enough content to satisfy me.

I agree. Although I do feel that they need to do something about that coin grinding as that part is a bit tedious.

Sat Oct 27 18 07:24am
Rating: 1

They already have by adding Luigis Balloon World

That requires online though..I want something to play offline.

I have also lost hope for it. But at this point now, I feel like they should make a Mario Odyssey 2 and release it in maybe 2020 with a bunch of new content with lots more things to take control of.

The fake-out with the wedding thing feels like what they did with Batman recently. Sigh...

Happy bday SMO!

Man Nintendo made my day with this one. I honestly don't know if I should place it second to 64 or not!

I can't believe that it's already been a year since Mario Odyssey came out. What a wonderful game.

Great game and the icing on the cake for the amazing launch year for Switch.

Looking forward to the next two months and Pokemon Lets Go, Civilization VI and 5mash Bros.

Odyssey shares a birthday with Red Dead 2 now.
That's some nice company there, Mr. Mario. Smile

Wrong date buddy, RDR2 is oct 26 and SMO is oct 27.
But you can say the same week, for oct 27 was this week’s Friday last year!

I’m still collecting moons. I better get on that!


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