Nintendo FY3/2019 2nd Quarter financial briefing recap

Nintendo's FY3/2019 2nd Quarter financial briefing is going on right now. We don't know what will come from the event, but we'll post up any pertinent info. We'll be doing separate posts for the actual slideshow presentation. This post is for the comments from Nintendo's president given at the briefing.

- Nintendo is in a favorable position moving into the holidays
- Nintendo is taking measures to make sure Switch owners play for a long time
- this will include more DLC, in-game events, and more
- chart for Switch sell through in EU/US/JP shows Sept units slowing after peak in June
- Switch Bundle ratio breakdown for September: 60% Odyssey, 50-60% MK8D, 40-50% Zelda: BotW
- digital sales are seeing record growth
- of all digital sales, games that have a physical version account for 60% of the digital sales
- Fortnite continues to show momentum, with people coming together to play
- Octopath Traveler global shipments and download sales reached 1 million units within three weeks of release
- As of October, there were over 500 software publishers selling software for Switch, and worldwide more than 1,300 titles
- Super Mario Party was designed to be simple, fun, and bring people together
- Super Mario Party has sold Oct 1.5m globally and has boosted Joy-Con sales
- Pokemon Lets Go will be easy for first time players and familiar for existing fans
- 50% of those who preorder Pokemon: Let's Go have preorderd the Poke Ball Plus
- Connection Pokemon GO with Pokemon Let's Go for special items and to transfer Pokemon
- Nintendo expects Smash Bros. Ultimate to be their biggest game, and it's the largest industry collab ever
- Nintendo believes Smash Bros. Ultimate will gain popularity with a wide variety of users
- amiibo sold 50m accumulative so far
- Pokemon, Fortnite, and Diablo bundles expected to boost Switch sales
- NES Classic "and all versions" have sold 10 million units to date
- Dragalia Lost has over 1 million users registered, a 4.8 review score, and sales close to 4 billion Yen
- Super Mario Run close to 300 million downloads
- Fire Emblem mobile continues to see growth, overseas active users exceed domestic

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I still expect DLC for Super Mario Odyssey at some point. All their other big games have had some DLC. I wonder will Smash Bros. Ultimate have a paid DLC pack that contains various different modes like a Subspace Emissary as opposed to more characters and stages. There's only so much that can fit on a 16GB cartridge.

Wed Oct 31 18 03:48am
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- Octopath Traveler global shipments and download sales reached 1 million units within three weeks of release

My personal GOTY! So happy to see it did well and now I'm pretty sure we'll get a sequel or at least a new game from that team! Still gotta grind for my exam, so Prim and co must wait a bit.

Wed Oct 31 18 08:29am
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The more I read this, the more I see nonsense. There's some good stuff as well but so much is PR spin and I disagree with much of it.

Octopath Traveler shipped 1 million copies, it didn't sell 1 million copies. Smash Bros Ultimate is going to be their biggest game? I don't think so. Or that they say they've sold 50 million amiibo. How many of that total sold in recent years? I was a fad that sold heavily for a year or two but then died back massively. I must check out previous year totals and come back and edit this comment.

Edit: From what I can see, amiibo have been on sale for 4 years, they sold 35 million in its first 18 months and 15 million in the 30 months since.

You can go even further, amiibo sold 21 million in its first year, you can see that sales have slowed down ever since then. Even just going by the rough breakdown of the above paragraph, amiibo sales were selling 2 million a month for the first 18 months, compared to 500,000 a month for the remaining 30 months. And if you widen that out, then recent sales are even lower.

It says shipments AND downloads for Octopath. I got it physically, but was not easy to find. Good thing the clerk is a "nerd" like me. And also Squeenix have said the game sold pretty good. So it could have reached that easily with downoads.


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