Blizzard announces Diablo III: Eternal Collection 'Loot Goblin' amiibo (UPDATE)

Well there you have it, all the rumors were true. Blizzard is going to release a special Loot Goblin amiibo sometime this December. When more details are shared, we'll be sure to bring them to you!

UPDATE - This amiibo will be a GameStop-exclusive in the states. Also, it appears that this amiibo is just a slight redesign of a Treasure Goblin figurine that Blizzard released awhile back. You can check out that original figurine below.


Not for me, but I'm sure fans of Diablo or amiibo in general may like it.

Having seen where the original design came from for the Diablo amiibo, I have to say that's the height of laziness.

There were rumours before yesterdays announcement that there was going to be 2 Diablo amiibo, the first was the Goblin amiibo and the other was Demon amiibo, what's the bets that this is the design below? Given how lazy the Goblin amiibo is, it wouldn't surprise me.

I put in as much effort as Blizzard did and changed its original colour from red to green. 😜 It's from the Cute but Deadly range like the Goblin amiibo is.


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