YouTube application now available on Nintendo Switch eShop

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I'd like Netflix more than YouTube, but this is appreciated.

Great! Now I have a seventh way to watch Breath of the Wild glitches.

About freaking time. This will be great for my breaks during school.

Like Blizzard said "don't you have a phone?..

oh sure lemme use up all my 4GB data on youtube videos or unsecured school wifi...

Simply having a system like the Switch connect to said wifi without having to worry about a browser getting looked at or compromised in some way makes it much more useful for me. Besides, I’d rather play Pokemon GO or barely use my cell data/bartery on it during school to begin with. Not everyone has unlimited data/battery

What is the difference between connecting to unsecured wifi on your phone or on Switch? It's still unsecured wifi. At least on your phone you could easily setup a vpn connection. Then again maybe you can do that on Switch too; I haven't looked into it since my Switch never leaves my house.

Thu Nov 08 18 04:59pm
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My phone has so many passwords, browser info, and other bits related to the browser saved that I flat out don't feel like doing wifi at school unless it's absolutely needed. (I only did it for the Direct for SSB recently but immediately got off as soon as it was done and did nothing else with the connection) Switch doesn't really have anything on the browser front that could be compromised, because they don't even let you use the damn thing. But on the plus side, that makes it more easy for me to use in school. At home I'll always stick to my laptop, of course, but this is a good secondary with that bigger screen than my iPhone.

The only system I honestly felt that media apps were totally worthless on, was the 3DS. It had no reason to ever get a native youtube app because the thing couldn't handle it, and sure enough it came out on 3DS and was a horrendous crashing mess. The web browser wasn't much better with it on N3DS but at least it allowed for 3D Videos which made using the browser option worth it, but still really cumbersome. I also remember trying to watch episodes of Inuyasha on the tiny OG 3DS back in 2011, and it was really awkward to get used to that resolution (especially if i had to try reading subtitles)

Now that I think about it though, Nintendo talked about 3D full length movies at E3 2010 and then they flat out never happened except with some Disney ones in Japan. I'm still waiting for Rio 3D on 3DS, just for the heck of it (i think that was one of the things they announced as coming to the system?) but it's odd that 7 years into that system's life, and one of the major things they showed at the reveal isn't even a thing. Netflix 3D or Nintendo Video could have been a good alternative I guess but they never got around to making either of those good

Fri Nov 09 18 10:15am
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I guess you're right.. I do forget that there are ppl out there without unlimited data..

Great. About time, now they can work on adding a web browser, themes, folders, etc.

The nightmare is over.

Nobody will download this, right? People said apps like this weren't needed on the Switch. 😉

Running to my system to download this.. then I asked myself.. what for?

To watch videos on a screen three inches bigger than your phone's.

I have a note9 soooo...

I'd like Netflix more than YouTube, but this is appreciated.

Thu Nov 08 18 12:43pm
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Nice to see. More options for people can’t hurt.
Come to think of it, I sometimes tend to throw something on YouTube on my phone while cooking. The Switch does have a bigger screen so might actually use that now instead but that will change once I get a planned iPad.

It’s a bit cheeky of the Nintendo announcement to suggest watching live-streams and gameplay videos since they are notoriously picky about people showing that kinda of stuff unless you’re an authorised ambassador.

Interesting. YouTube considers the Switch a “TV”.

To be fair, Nintendo could care less about live streaming or gameplay videos whether you are one or not. You can still get a claim regardless, except with the program you can make that claim your own. They don't take down the vids if you aren't in the program, so there's really no major risk to streaming or doing gameplay unless you have an early copy and break embargo. (which is why the SSB Ryu leaks got full blown copyright takedowns) Compared to Victor Interactive, which blocks your videos anywhere outside of Japan, or Shopro, which won't even hesitate to block your video on Pokemon's anime even if you do nothing but show an image of the poster for a movie/season and nothing else, Nintendo's surprisingly lenient for a company in a region with extreme copyright rules.

For the heck of it, I did check the Japanese eShop to see if the YT app was there, and it actually is, so at least it seems it's not a region lock situation which Nintendo wants to push Nico Nico to their Japanese users instead.

More options are good, even if they seem useless to some. However, I use YouTube almost exclusively while I'm playing games, so I won't need this app. Smile

Thu Nov 08 18 01:14pm
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Cool, happy for the release :D

I will use it. Normally when putting Youtube videos onto the big screen I use my blu-ray player, and that means typing with a remote with mushy buttons. But this will let me do it on a system whose controllers are much more pleasant.

You can link the Switch app with your phone too because it classes it as a “TV” app. So when your Switch is docked, queue up a video on your phone and tell the Switch to play it.

Whattttt!???? Hell yeah, that’s low-key the best news to come out of this announcement!!

Yup - seems to operate like most YouTube Smart TV apps.

Thanks for telling me about that. I'll give it a shot.

Welcome to 2013, Nintendo

Thu Nov 08 18 03:40pm
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I remember how the youtube app on the Wii U was the worst thing ever because the proprietary browser version was ten times better and more functional.

I hope it's not the case there though really, can we get a web browser already ?
That being said at this point themes and folders are way more needed. Also Netflix ? It's been ages.

With Hulu and YouTube now on the platform, this should put a bit of pressure onto other video providers to get their services on the Switch.

Man do I wish I a Netflix app was present instead. I have my Switch next to my bed, and there I am, lying in bed watching Netflix on my phone.


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