Diablo III: Eternal Collection update available, includes new icon

A new patch is available for Diablo III: Eternal Collection. We don't have all the details on what it offers, but we do know it includes a new icon. I'd say this icon is a big improvement over the previous one!


Now we’re talking. Why that couldn’t have been in place from the get-go is beyond me. Sad that so many games are released as “version 0.99” which are then completed with an update.

Tue Nov 13 18 04:52pm
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Leonardo da Vinci' once said "Art is never finished, only abandoned".

Tue Nov 13 18 03:57pm
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I know there's an issue with curses right now, they don't seem to be activating properly many times, which is an issue when playing a Necromancer, like I am right now. Hopefully this fixes that.

EDIT: Guess not, hopefully soon. Guess I'll run other builds until then.

Why not use that icon in the first place.. anyway still not buying old game at the price of new.

Also that youtube icon.. should be white text on red background and invert play button colors.


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