SEGA AGES: Phantasy Star launching on Dec. 13th, 2018

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The classic galactical adventure arrives on Nintendo Switch™!

The tyrant Lassic rules the cosmos, and it is up to you to defeat his evil reign. Witness the revival of this defining RPG in SEGA AGES Phantasy Star.

Take advantage of the new dungeon map display and the acclaimed “Ages Mode” as you traverse tricky dungeon mazes and battle ferocious 8-bit beasts. Phantasy Star has claimed its place as a pioneer RPG and its retro-spirit is sure to find a home in the hearts of old and new fans alike.

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Is it going to add real time map.

Yes, it has a real time map.

Has anyone determined why this has such a delay for the US eShop? As far as I can tell, the version that's been out on the Japanese shop has the option to play in English. I'll wait because I have to, but I wish I knew why.

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