Old School Musical devs got the game up-and-running on Switch in a single day

Old School Musical came to the Switch awhile back, but thanks to a new dev blog, we're getting insight into the porting process. In the snippet below, we learn just how easy it was for the dev team to get the game running on Switch.

When we received the Nintendo Switch devkit, the magic began. By then, I knew a lot of people from the French indie dev scene. And everyone told me it would be very difficult to port the game on this console. But in the very early developement, we took some decisions to avoid a lot of problems everyone encounters :

Make the game build for smartphones to be sure there are no performances issues, because it’s too easy to run your game on your killer pc.
Avoid plugins or external assets as much as you can, because what helps you today can kill you tomorrow. At that time, there was almost no Unity plugin compatible with the Nintendo Switch or they had terrible performance issues.
Don’t update Unity too much, because console versions have a lot of delay.
With that in mind during all the developement, it took us only one day to have the game running at 60fps on the Nintendo Switch.

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