RUMOR - Metroid Prime Trilogy coming to Switch

Time for another juicy rumor about a potential Switch release. Word on the street is that the Metroid Prime Trilogy is coming to Switch, and it's going to be revealed at the Game Awards later this week. This would certainly make for a nice refresher as we lead into Metroid Prime 4. At least we don't have long to wait to see if this rumor is true!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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Tue Dec 04 18 03:48pm
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Hopefully it’s a HD remaster but even if it’s not it’ll look beautiful on the Switch screen.

If they're releasing the trilogy and it isn't an HD remaster (or remake if they're that ambitious) I will personally SLAP Nintendo in the face (yes, Nintendo the person).

*walks up to Nintendo HQ building in Kyoto



I can't wait to see the look on KingBroly's face when they announce this.

Wait a minute...

If you translate the page, you will get a line of text that reads:

"The product is only a rumor, but we think it will be presented at the game awards with a launch early 2019 (febuary?)."

Rumor; Nintendo's entire Game Awards announcement lineup is leaking this week
Source: I don't know, speculation? A lot of articles today.....

Rumor: This isn't a rumor
Source: See earlier source.

Don't do this to me! My heart can't take it if this turns out to be fake.

This is something we all knew that it was coming... And I will buy these games for the 4th time XD
(Original releases, Trilogy on Wii, Trilogy on Wii U, and now Switch)

That one isn't too hard, releasing the trilogy on Switch is a no-brainer really.

They released it on Wii U. Might as well get to Switch.

I’d definitely love to have this on the Switch. I mean, I’m happy to have anything Metroid coming out. The only thing sweeter would be a Switch version of F-Zero GX.

I would buy the crap out of this.

"Source" Twitter bio: Derpachu
I am a wild card that tweets random things... Bullshit or the truth or #bait? who knows... also... Memes...

This listing is rubbish. The retailer said so themselves that they listed this based on an old ropey rumour and that they "think" it'll happen. For that reason I'm almost tempted to down vote this. It's potentially building peoples hopes up for nothing only to be left disappointed.

For that reason I'm almost tempted to down vote this.

You are such a BAD BOY! Smile

(sorry, not sorry Smile )

Seems like another Grinch leak. Hype check yourselves people. Celebrate if it happens, but be leniant if we just see something out of left field.

If it happens I'm just expecting a Twilight Princess type of remaster, I don't think Nintendo would change much aside from just adapting it to either the joycons or handheld mode.

Trilogy on Switch in HD would be fantastic but I'm not getting my hopes up. Sligeach_Eire is right on the money - the product listing is due to speculation. It's believable that Nintendo would put this out but we're not looking at concrete evidence.

Funny that they have 2 stores in Gothenburg, which is where Bergsala, Scandinavian Nintendo, are too

I will always purchase the best current version of these masterpieces. Bring it in 1080p.

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printf ("Please be true!\n");

I’d love to see the Trilogy make it to Switch. Not sure how they’d approach Prime 3 though.

Expect if it’s real to just be the original Trilogy upscaled to 1080p which is fine since they all still look great but I would really love to see them go back to each one and remake them from the ground up like the Crash/Spyro trilogies/Shadow of the Colossus remake. If they had to sell them individually because of the workload then so be it, it’d be awesome to have them all properly modernised from a visual standpoint.

Tue Dec 04 18 09:02pm
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These games have already been rereleased on 3 consoles. Give another Metroid game a chance. I would prefer an Other M remake. Or maybe Prime Hunters Remake.

Don’t think the Wii U Virtual Console release really counts as a port/remake...

Tue Dec 04 18 11:39pm
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Hey it's not JUST the retail listing. There's also a bunch of other people saying this who RMC usually posts about whenever they say there's a rumor. Like the Gameinformer person and that cupcake professor guy.

(Granted this could just be another Mother 3 thing where they're all just talking out their rear ends.)

Cool if true. The Prime trilogy includes some of the best games of all time (and Metroid Prime 3).

They also write that the games are "hotted up" and adapted for the Switch. This listing of a rumour is kind of strange by Inet. Anyway... If it's true, I'll get it if they improved it in any way. Otherwise, I'd rather play it again on the Wii, with glorious IR pointer controls! Echoes, trilogy version, is still one of my absolute favourite games.

If they want prime 4 to sell well, they ought to port the trilogy first!

On one hand these would look glorious in HD, but on the other they will never, EVER play anywhere near as good on Switch as they did with the wiimote.

The IR pointer is the one thig that is superior to the Switch (oh and VC, bt that's a different story)..

The Metroid Prime games played so darn well with the wiimote/chuck that I can't go back to normal controllers. But the hinted at Zelda SS would be great with the Switch's gyros.... And HD RUMBLE!!!! =)

The MP games would look amazing in HD, even if just a port and we can hope they can squeeze everything out of the joy-cons if this happens.

Skyward Sword works because never used the pointer and didn't much require you to aim at anything that wasn't in a linear field of view. That said, the gust bellows in Skyward Sword show that the bounding-box style of aiming/movement can still work well enough without the wiimote's IR... but no one seems to even attempt this anymore.

They would have to put proper effort in to motion controls to make MP work properly for me... every dev on Switch just uses generic gyroscopics for linear aiming and expect you to still use the analogs to actually rotate and position yourself, it's messy, unintuitive and vastly inferior to the way aiming was done on Wii.

I know that SS never used the IR pointer. Was basically my point even. If Ninty can do some magic and fix the controllers for the MP trilogy I'll get it for sure. If not, I'll just play the Wii version. The controls are just too good on that one.

Just please have the right stick control aiming, and not be for beam changing. Maybe if you click the right stick, it then pulls up the beams and you can push a direction, clicking the right stick again to cancel

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