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Gris devs share their goal in creating the game, discuss potential for a physical release

by rawmeatcowboy
05 December 2018
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Gris is hitting the Switch very soon, and it's unlike almost any other game on the platform. A wholly unique vision by Nomada Studios, Gris aims to provide an experience players won't soon forget. In an interview with GeekRetro, Nomada discusses their goal with Gris.

Above everything else, we wanted each player to take something unique and personal from GRIS. We designed it as an open to interpretation work. Sure, we have scattered symbols and clues across the game, but it's the player job to find, connect and understand them however they wish.

There's no doubt some fans would like to have a physical release for Gris. Nomada was asked if that was possible, to which they responded...

Again, we can't promise on anything, but if the reception is good, sure, why not?