The Game Awards 2018 - Full event recap

We will be covering any Nintendo-related information from the Game Awards in this post. Keep checking back for updates during the show!

- Sayonara Wild Hearts announced for Switch, due out 2019
- Dead Cells wins Best Action Game

- Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 confirmed as a Switch exclusive in 2019

- Rocket League is getting McLaren 570S car pack DLC

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled coming to Switch

Best Indie Debut - The Messenger

Best Fighting Game - Dragon Ball FighterZ

Best Family Game - Overcooked 2

Best Strategy Game - Into the Breach

Best Indie Game - Celeste

Game for Impact - Celeste

Best Ongoing Game - Fortnite

Best multiplayer game - Fortnite

Stranger Things 3: The Game coming to Switch

Mortal Kombat 11 coming to Switch

Joker from Persona 5 is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Let's hope for some great surprises. Satoru Iwata would have celebrated his 59th birthday today. I've been thinking, would it be appropriate for Iwata as a fighter in SSBU? Nintendo will be making announcements at The Game Awards in a few hours time, I don't think they acknowledged his birthday today, you never know.

There's more though, sometimes hints are dropped and people don't realise it, like Luigi in the Smash Bros Ultimate trailer and then Luigi’s Mansion 3 was announced a short while later. Sakurai had a fan-made unofficial amiibo crafted, maybe it's a precursor to an Iwata amiibo. It would be a nice way to immortalise him.


And remember the trailer of Reggie and Iwata for Smash Bros on Wii U during E3 2014.


Sure he was a Miiverse fighter then, he could be upgraded.

Or, as an aside, remember Nonspecific Action Figure? Nothing ever came of that.

I have been saying there will be an Iwata assist trophy. Just a hunch though.

I would enjoy playing as Iwata, but I'd feel weird about beating him up. I think Enthropy's suggestion of an assist trophy is a very good one.

That was a disappointing way to start the show, first game shown and it's a World Premiere for Switch. 😊 Sayonara Wild Hearts, some sort of dancing game. 😔

They clearly want to save the heavy hitters for the main show, most of what they premiered during the pre-show was smaller stuff that's of the "neat, but probably won't trend on Twitter" category (a new version of Stanley Parable sounds good to me though, and I expect it is indeed hitting Switch).

Oh this is EPIC! A very nice touch having all the three on rhere togethere, even if it's kinda crap Smile


Sorry but I loved the old Ultimate Alliance games so this is amazing news!

Thu Dec 06 18 09:13pm
(Updated 1 time)

Yes, a good announcement for Switch, Marvel game on Switch. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, exclusive to Switch.

MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order - Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Switch™)


Coming in 2019, now that's how you do a great surprise.

Still no Bayo 3.

But that Marvel game did look like some fun. I sure didn't see that one coming.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, published by Nintendo and developed by Team Ninja? What? I’ll take it!

Surprises are fun =]<

Best part if these "awards".

Definitely! Award shows for any entertainment medium are pointless as hell so at least having these reveals makes it worth paying attention to haha

And these awards are, yet again, so damned scripted that the new games are even better Smile

That ultimate alliance 3 announcement was HYPE! I was jumping up and down screaming with joy! EXCLUSIVE, Nintendo published, online co-op, and Team Ninja. I'm so happy!!!

Alita looks a taaaad bit better, but still damn skeptical to it.

For some reason I’m into it. I think it’s gonna be really cool.

After I read what changes they did to Ghost in the shell hollywood I grew veeeeery skeptic to anime to "hollywood" stuff.

This one has Rodruigez though, and it looks a bit better now...

Octopath got nothing......... Sad

It didn't really stand a chance. Neither does Celeste for best game.

Celeste I can see. But Octo could have gotten the best soubdtrack award IMO. But of course, RDR2 erx are hufe compared. These awards are mostly popularity contests anyway.

Octopath is getting stuffed... damn.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled coming to Switch same day!? Jesus! Switch has TOO MANY games in 2019!!!

I'm starting to think the only game we'll hear from Nintendo themselves tonight is Bayonetta 3, though that's really 3rd party. I thought Nintendo might show something from their own Studios. Oh ya, maybe they'll still show Metroid Prime Trilogy HD.

No Bayo 3 and I'll be a sad Santha........

Oh well. Got whan last beer at least.

Too early for MP4, but if the rumoured MP3 Trilogy is a thing we could see that mayhap.

I think the "Best Family Game" was the only category where Nintendo themselves had a nomination, they had 3 out of the 5 nominations, 4 if you count Starlink with the exclusive Star Fox content, and it lost our to Overcooked 2.

Hurray, Celeste finally won an award. The announcer in the background said it also won some other lesser award.

Did not see that Persona 5 / Smash Bros. announcement coming. Will we see Persona 5 on the Switch?
I was hoping Reggie was going to follow that’s with MP4, but no.

I think Persona 5 is a PS4 exclusive and not just a timed exclusive. If that's true, then this character reveal is baffling, I already find it very disappointing as it is.

Nah it makes sense. Solid Snake is a smash character even though he has virtually no presence on Nintendo systems except for the Gamecube remake back in the day.

Fri Dec 07 18 01:04am
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Actually, Snake also appeared on the NES in the original Metal Gear... there were also a pair of non-canon titles...

As for this announcement, literally the only Persona game on a Nintendo system I can identify is a 3DS spin-off... the vast majority of games are Playstation exclusive, effectively taking Cloud's "least qualified 3rd party character in Smash" title, even without factoring in FF7 getting ported to a Nintendo system three generations later.

The Marvel UA3 announcement was great and definitely stole the show.

The Smash chatacter reveal would be a REALLY stupid choice if Persona 5 does not come to the Switch.


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