Joker from Persona 5 announced as Smash Bros. Ultimate's Challengers DLC Pack 1

Announced at the Game Awards, Joker from Persona 5 is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the Challengers Pack DLC 1. No release date was given, but more details are sure to come soon.


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Thu Dec 06 18 11:38pm
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Hey, know what would also be nice. Persona 5 for the Switch. Pretty please?

Thu Dec 06 18 11:38pm
Rating: 10

Hey, know what would also be nice. Persona 5 for the Switch. Pretty please?

Thu Dec 06 18 11:39pm
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My thoughts exactly.

I was about to say that Persona 5 isn’t even on Nintendo consoles. Doesn’t make any sense but I’m excited.

Persona Q2 counts! But yea, this has to get us P5 on Switch, right? Right?!!!!!

Right! We need Persona 5 for Switch!

Persona 5, from the little I've heard before is a PS4 exclusive. I may be wrong, but I don't think so. So if that's true, we've a character from a game... well I'll hold back for now, just in case I am wrong.

Hah hahaha! Blasted on Reddit for telling everyone that this was happening, AND I'M RIGHT! Persona 5 Scarlet is totally happening for the Nintendo Switch!

Thu Dec 06 18 11:46pm
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Not sure how I feel about this seeing as how I haven't played any of these games. I want to be excited, but they're giving me nothing to go on here. This is a pretty bland announcement for non Persona fans.

*Edit- I bet Relax-Alax is freaking out right now.

Thu Dec 06 18 11:46pm
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I found that announcement disappointing. Another Japanese company with a character in SSB. I've no affection for this series, it's a character I don't know, from a game that's not on Switch. That's 1 out of the 5 character slots wasted as far as I'm concerned.

Edit: And isn't Persona 5 a PS4 exclusive?

Thu Dec 06 18 11:50pm
Rating: 9

The first thing I thought when I saw that announcement is, "I know somebody who is going to be pissed off about this."

Anybody with a modicum of sense.

Fri Dec 07 18 12:31am
(Updated 1 time)

Re: Exclusivity.
Nothing official, no. It's just that the team have always ever just made Persona games for PS consoles. There's no deal really. They COULD do a port. But it's WAY easier to develop for a single platform.

Come on buddy. We all have our wishes. No need to be salty again.

I never saw it coming

Nor I, not even one bit.

Lame, really really lame announcement.
I know Persona has its fans but, ugh, no.

Should've been something from SMT, or something that has real legacy from the franchise.

Wow, That was SO RANDOM! xD

I'm not a Persona fan and this doesn't get me excited. But it's nice to see a bit of a hint at how the DLC might go. It makes me wonder if all the rest of the characters will be long-shot third party characters that you wouldn't expect.

I'm still hoping for Crash Bandicoot and Minecraft Steve.

Nintendo will build bridges out of Smash DLC. Bethesda might have a chance.

This really means anything can happen now.

So this is confirmation for Persona 5 to Switch, eh?

That violin playing girl was so damn cute though. Who the Hell s she?

Fri Dec 07 18 12:09am
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Something just rubs me the wrong way about characters getting representation in Smash who don’t have a history with Nintendo. Since Wii U/3DS it’s become more a celebration of games in general with Cloud joining, instead of being a celebration of Nintendo like previous games (Snake was pushing it but considering the NES/GBC/GC games I’d let it slide). I love Persona 5 and Joker but even if it comes over to Switch at some point Joker’s inclusion still feels undeserved honestly.

It is really really cool to see this, I don’t want to sound too negative about it. If it gets more people interested in the franchise that’s awesome. I just would prefer to have these DLC spots reserved for characters who have a proper connection to Nintendo. All bets are off now it seems, doesn’t matter if a game has graced a Nintendo console, those characters can get in. Bit of a strange direction to see them go.

Fri Dec 07 18 12:11am
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Well that’s one of five DLC spots wasted.

Definitely not buying the pass until I know all five characters now.

This really threw me for a loop, Persona 5 is easily one of my top 5 favorite games of all time. Seeing Joker swoop in and practically steal the show is probably the most excited I've been for a character since Inkling or Richter. I love the creativity that Sakuari and/or Nintendo put into their smash announcements, and it makes me proud as a player and a fan.

That said, I doubt this means Persona 5 will move off PS4 and onto the switch, which is a shame. But it makes me hopeful that maybe, just maybe, the next persona game won't be chained to Sony.

Haha. That would be swell!
Really, I like how Smash seems to try to break out of being just "Nintendo's celebration" and broadening to the whole of gaming. :3
Also, that may create bridges for the future!

I agree with you 100%

Fri Dec 07 18 01:21am
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Also, that may create bridges for the future!

The key word being "may"... Snake in Smash got us one lazy port while other consoles got a compilation for the same price at the same time... Cloud got a bunch of ports, but its too soon to say if anything else will actually come from it. So far these bridges are looking more like garbage chutes for companies to dump their leftovers... this attempt to turn Smash into a political device that so far seems to go nowhere... it's more than a little irritating...

Fri Dec 07 18 12:26am
Rating: 2

You all need to understand the real benefit of this... Persona music in Smash! it needs to have Rivers in the Desert and Life Will Change!

Makes sense people would be confused about this. I mean, the game isn't out in non Japanese territories after all.

WTF is wrong with people saying this is a great announcement? It's a character from a PS4 exclusive, this is the Cloud crap all over again. People saying this will be great if Persona 5 comes to Switch in the future,that's not happening as far as I can make out. Sakurai and Nintendo are taking the P1$$ with some of the character selections.

Fri Dec 07 18 12:38am
Rating: 2

Calm yourself... After Cloud came, there's now a shitload of FFs coming to Switch... I'm not sure it's a total coincidence...

Cloud was in SSB on Wii U /3DS, there were no Final Fantasy games then. We're only getting old FF games now and no promise or sign of the FF7 Remake coming to Switch. Some of the character picks are devaluing the series for me. Sure they may as well pick Master Chief if this Joker can get in.

Fri Dec 07 18 12:50am
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*sigh* I have to side with Sliggy on this one... it's easy to pump out a bunch of old ports... that doesn't mean we'll be seeing any long-term support from them. At best, this means Nintendo has gone from no FF games to second-rate FF games... being gracious for leftovers when everyone else gets the main course? What are we, the beggars of gaming?

Fri Dec 07 18 12:53am
(Updated 1 time)

TBH, sometimes it's not that easy. Depend if the games were well made for portability/readability from the start. I have a friend who's a programmer working on porting lots of games these last couple years, and he agree with me on that. (And I'm also a game dev, and I did a bit of porting too)

Anyway, I prefer to be hopeful here... Also, my girlfriend is REALLY into Persona and she is ecstatic about that, and it may convince her to play with me. So that's a win in my book.

Erm... I was referencing more the fact that its easier to port a game than dedicate years of development time, money and resources to make an entirely new game... not that porting was an easy process...

Fri Dec 07 18 01:12am
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I don't see anything wrong with people enjoying and praising an announcement for a character they like. You may not like it, but you are also not in the position to condemn others for what they do or do not like.

That said, just a couple of things to keep in mind.

If you remember. Cloud was added to smash 4 with almost not connection to Nintendo aside from a few toss away appearances and cameos. Square recently announce FF7 along with a number of other Final Fantasy titles are coming to switch. You can argue those two are coincidental, and you might be right. But it's hard to deny the love square is now showing for Nintendo. They may just be ports of older games, but keep In mind these games have never been on a Nintendo system before. There are still people who have yet to experience FF7, and thanks to Square people can now enjoy these games on a thriving, healthy, and portable system like the Switch.

Sakurai has gushed about his love for persona 5, and how it inspired him as a creator. (See his Famitsu column Vol 515 for more) If anything his love for that game is what helped put Joker in smash in the first place, and I find that pretty special. If you have an issue with Joker's inclusion, you could always take it up with the guy who created the smash franchise in the first place.

Lastly and admittedly my weakest point, however I'll mention it none the less. Joker is a prominent character in the upcoming Persona Q2, which don't forget is a 3DS exclusive and Smash is known for being used as an advertisement for other games.

I'm not saying there are other character who don't deserve a spot on the smash roster, but I feel Jokers inclusion opens the door for other potential newcomers in Smash and new games for Nintendo's family of consoles. I'm optimistic for what's to come.

Fri Dec 07 18 12:37am
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...literally who? ...from what?

*Looks up Persona series*

Oh... so its a series that's even more Playstation-centric than Metal Gear... that's... really... umm... huh... seriously?

Fri Dec 07 18 12:41am
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everyone is here for sure haha

Fri Dec 07 18 01:08am
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Oh, they made a character based on that random costume from Sonic Forces. Weird.


Well I was right about Nintendo would go for the main character from an absurdly popular game.

Didn't occur to me to think they'd not only go for a third-party game but a third-party game that isn't even available on Nintendo systems haha.

Fri Dec 07 18 02:03am
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All this whining... Glad I'm not some of you. Can't wait to play a Joker.

Fri Dec 07 18 02:39am
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Every time I think I can get over my anger towards this games choices, something stupid, nonesnsical and completely undeserving of a spot like this happens.

Cloud was bad enough, this is just ridiculous. One of my best friends is a rabid self confessed shameless fanboy for persona and even he thinks this is a waste of a slot.

No one seems to be considering that this could entice net new Smash players who are Persona Fans and don’t currently own a Switch.

The icing on the cake is how pissed off that Sligo man is over this.

Fri Dec 07 18 05:54am
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"No one seems to be considering that this could entice net new Smash players who are Persona Fans and don’t currently own a Switch."

That was what I was thinking. Why appeal to existing punters when you can grab a whole new demographic...and the icing is always a nice touch.

I guess this character’s inclusion has its fans so it’s not a total disaster. And there’s a chance of P5 coming to Switch.

But I agree with a lot of people that Smash should first and foremost include characters from franchises that have a long history with Nintendo, or some sort of exclusivity, or at least franchises that have a well established on-going presence on Nintendo platforms.

There’s a lot of characters in Nintendo own history that still haven’t receives a spot in the limelight.

So hyped to play as Joker against classic characters like Snake and Cloud. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 just keeps getting better and better!

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