Nintendo grabs new trademarks for Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid: Other M

Nintendo has filed for two more trademarks related to Wii games. Both Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid: Other M trademarks surfaced recently, both of which apply to ‘video game program’, ‘downloadable video game program’, and 'program for smartphone.’ We'll have to wait and see if these applications result in any re-releases of these titles.

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Oh please, I honestly loved Other M!

(I'm totally aware that I am most likely the only one)


Sun Dec 09 18 03:40am
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It's been 8+ years now man... it's long, long past time to let it go...

If I forgive and forget, they'll do something similar with something else. Video game companies have to be held accountable for releasing terrible software, even Nintendo.

I don't think venting your rage on a fansite is going to make much a difference... especially when you consider a lot of people actually liked Other M, even with all the flaws...

Oh please, I honestly loved Other M!

(I'm totally aware that I am most likely the only one)

You're not the only one, I liked it too. It wasn't perfect but it was a good template. An ideal Metroid game, for me at least, would have a combination of Other M and Prime play styles, both 1st person and 3rd person views. Super Metroid is the pinnacle of the series, Prime doesn't capture all of Samus' abilities and agility. Other M does that better but 1st person views from Prime are helpful as well.

I did not hate it. It was OK. It had a few big flaws in its gameplay, but the fluid sections of it were very fun.

I liked but didn’t love it. The flaws are there but it’s not nearly as bad as people like to claim.

Other M is actually my 2nd favorite Metroid behind Prime 3: Corruption. I love that game. For me it goes Prime 3 > Other M > Super > Fusion > the rest. Though I haven't played Hunters, Samus Returns, or Federation Force so can't comment on them.

Not a bad game by any means... but it kind of makes me foam at the mouth a bit as part of the Metroid franchise with some of the design and story decisions. So, yes, it disappointed me, but it doesn't deserve the pure hate it gets.

I liked Other M a lot.

You are farfrom the only one. Game kicked arse, even with it's flaws. I would like an HD port, but I might also replay it on Wii....

Definitely not the only one! I loved Other M... even if it did admittedly suffer from several glaring flaws like a poorly written story and the forced first-person parts... the gameplay however was quite excellent!

I think there’s only one person here that doesn’t like it.

I loved It too. Not a perfect Metroid game, but really excellent. Played It in normal mode and then in expert right afterwards. Honestly better than Prime Hunters, Prime 2 and maybe even Prime 3

Sat Dec 08 18 08:04pm
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I honestly can’t imagine Super Mario Galaxy coming to a platform that pointer is not a natural feature.

Controlling the same function thru the second analog doesn’t sound fun for what SMG 1 and 2 have to offer.

Really wish they had a pointer feature for the Switch. The gyros are neat and all, but just not so good as the IR pointer. And yeah, would be weird to play the Galaxy games without it.

What do you mean? The Joyconz have an IR Pointer.

In the video he even says that it uses gyor, not IR pointer. Because it uses gyro and not an IR pointer.

It still has a cursor other than that. Gyro is an improved version of the original IR Pointer.

Mon Dec 10 18 02:54pm
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No. The gyro in the joy-cons is an improvement of the Wii Motion plus. The joy-cons on Switch do NOT have an IR pointer option. Doesn't exist.

You know what I mean in general. Yes, there is an IR Pointer in the Joycons, I'm not dumb you know, but they only appear in games that are compatible with an IR Pointer. Get your facts straight! It's the Gyro that controls the cursor. There IS a Cursor in the Joy-cons. I bet you are ignoring the links I sent, just to make yourself think you're always right. If that is the case I'm done arguing with you.

Look at Captain Toad for instance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5jVEpLQfBI

Yes, there is an IR Pointer in the Joycons

No, there is not. It does, however, have an IR camera and I think it's only Labo that uses it (and damn well, also). Yes, I know that there is a cursor there but that is controlled by the joy-con's gyro since the joy-cons do not have IR pointers.. A lot like everything in Zelda SS was controlled by gyro (that game did not make use of the IR pointer at all). And the problem with gyro vs IR pointer is that gyro has to be calibrated at times (as in Zelda SS, or even World of Goo.) I have WoG on Switch and Wii BTW, and notice the difference.

Your GameExplain link even said so! Your very own link!

I think we are misunderstanding each other here. Hope so at least.

And it's not about me thinking I am always right. Everyone can be wrong, but in this case you are (or we misunderstand each other, as said, somewhere)

Cheers! Going back to Ultimate =)

Mon Dec 10 18 08:46pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Wait? So you're telling me that Gyro and IR are actually different, I always thought IR was always a cursor pointing at the screen huh you learn something new every day. Oh, I just thought you were denying the cursor. I'm actually really sorry for what I said then. Just so you know I wasn't mad at you at all the way it seems.

But wouldn't Galaxy 1 and 2 work fine with gyro if they released these Wii games as downloadable?
Galaxy 1 and 2 were designed to have both motion controls and cursor? Sure you have to calibrate. I could see Spin Jumping work with a button and 3D World did a good job with that for Rosalina but a cursor is certainly a different story and probably wouldn't go as fast when swinging to get star bits with gyro.

Sorry if I still sounded harsh and stupid.

Have fun!

No stress. I don't get offended. Like, at all ;) Also, it's fun to learn something new every day IMO.

Now. The Galaxy games. I guess if Nintendo do their magic the controllers could work somewhat, but I don't know if they will be as responsive. I guess we'll see if it happens. It should though because the games already run on the Nvidia shield and the Switch is Nvidia based, so...

Now. Zelda SS on the other hand would be perfect for the joy-cons. Better gyro AND HD rumble... I feel the immersiveness.

I do agree with you!

Will have to see how that works otherwise the joycons mechanics are closer from the Wii Remote Plus but better with some difference. Calibrating can be a pain. Oddly I never experienced it with Captain Toad at all.

I heard Skyward Sword HD could be happening. I'm aware Nintendo said no plans for it but they say these things and usually, it happens later on but now always and.

I think Aunoma had a couple of glasses of wine too many and said something he shouldn't have ;)

Just because it isn't naturally used often doesn't mean it can't be used later on.

That's quite a number of Wii related new trademarks in the last month alone. You'd be forgiven for thinking there may be more to this than meets the eye.

Yes please! I loved both of those games!

Other M: Remembuh me?

Quoting someone on the Facebook post for this story: "Did they get Adam's permission?"

I do hope that Nintendo figures out a way to rework the controls of Wii Games so they aren’t locked to that system and it’s controller. Not saying the controls are bad, but I don’t want the games to get left behind because of the unique controller.

I'd say, Other M deserves a reboot/reimagine rather than just a port. They can make the effort to fix all the issues the game has as of now.

I would love to see Wii rereleases on the Switch like we have Wii U rereleases. For instance Zelda Skyward Sword and these two. And maybe some others.

The only saving grace for Other M was Anthony Higgs. I thought that character was pretty cool.

I actually enjoyed Other M a bit, while acknowledging it had some serious flaws. I wonder if they could re-release it with some of those flaws fixed. It would take some story changes and some control changes, but I think the game had potential.


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