Cops get called for a noise complaint, find people playing Smash Bros. Ultimate, and join in on the fun

Cops were called on us so now we gotta do a match with them. from r/smashbros

Reddit user Bboyjovi shared a really interesting story about his Smash Bros. Ultimate activities over the weekend. He had gathered with some friends to play Smash, and apparently things got a little loud. Noise complaints were called into the police, and a short while later, the cops came knocking at the apartment's door. When the cops saw that everyone was just having fun and playing Smash, they decided to get in on the action for a round or two.

Bboyjovi said two of the officers jumped right in on the action and claimed to not know what Smash was, yet they seemed to be suspiciously good with Pikachu!


Mon Dec 10 18 04:05pm
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Hopefully they also agreed to quiet down and give their neighbors some peace.

I bet the neighbour who made the complaint didn't like that one little bit. 😜 Good to see the police being chilled and having some fun.

Sorry for party Smashin'


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