Yacht Club reacts to finding Shovel Knight in Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Yacht Club gang obviously knew that Shovel Knight was going to be in Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it's one thing to know and a completely different thing to see. Such an honest and genuine reaction. So happy to see these guys enjoying this moment.


That's great. How awesome to get the character from your very first game featured in Super Smash Bros. Can't wait to see what they work on next.

What a massive shame he didn’t end up playable! Awesome he made it in an as an assist trophy but he definitely deserved to be a full fledged character.

Honestly the fact that Shovel Knight is in Smash Bros despite being an Assist Trophy is down right amazing in it's own right.

Shovel Knight is one of the few remaining characters I really wanted to be playable in the new Smash Bros. It's great that he's in as an assist trophy at least.

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