Dead Cells getting a second panel at GDC 2019

Turns out Dead Cells will be getting a second presentation at GDC 2019. This panel is called 'Dead Cells': What the F*n!?, and will be presented by Motion Twin's Sebastien Benard.

On Aug 2018, 'Dead Cells', Motion Twin's roguevania action game, left its Early Access phase after 1 1/2 years of intense work. Being their first PC/console title, the team of course made lots of discoveries along the way, one of the most significant being the importance of the small details in controls and game design. This session will provide a closer look at how cheating and making player life easier actually made the game more hardcore but without the rage-quits.


The goal is to share details on what proved to be really important for the success of 'Dead Cells'. The session will share tips and tricks that were learned along the way that could be useful for any game project.

Intended Audience

This talk isn't technical and will focus more on the tricks and tips that were learned along the way during the development of 'Dead Cells'. It involves controls, gameplay, feedback and particles. Well, pretty much anything that is involved into making a game actually fun.

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