HAMSTER announces next selection of ACA NEOGEO games

HAMSTER has announced the next slew of Arcade Archives NEOGEO titles, which will be coming to Nintendo Switch. The games are...

Puzzle Bobble
Puzzle Bobble 2
The King of Fighters 2002
Shin-Oh-Ken (Ragnagard)
Tokuten Ou - Honoo no Libero (The Ultimate 11: SNK Football Championship)
NINJA MASTERS’ ~Haou Ninpou Chou~
Fu'un Super Tag Battle (Kizuna Encounter)

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Get ready to Bust a Move baby!!

Thu Dec 13 18 10:52am
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I missed this. Thought the stream would be next week, with the surprise release of Metal Slug 5 : Those guys always have fun announcing games. Sad

Super Sidekicks 4 is the only surprise as thought they would release baseball Stars 2 by now.

After this, wonder what else Hamster will release? They will be clutching at straws with Neo Geo releases now as nearly exhausted.

Expect those for sure 100% after this batch:

SS: V: Special
Baseball Stars 2
Ironclad (?)

Would love to see RAGE OF THE DRAGONS, POWER INSTINCT MATRIMELEE, SVC CHAOS and BREAKERS REVENGE. Sadly probably won't happen due to licensing. Sad

It's crazy how many Neo Geo games were made. I barely ever heard of it during the Genesis SNES era.


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