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Yacht Club discusses what Nintendo franchise they'd like to work on

by rawmeatcowboy
14 December 2018
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Yacht Club has been working on Shovel Knight for over 5 years now. That's an insane amount of time for a small team to spend on their debut game, but it's certainly worked out for them! Not surprisingly, the team has aspirations to work on some other titles as well. In an interview with Nintendo Force magazine, the team was asked what Nintendo properties they'd like to take a crack at. Yacht Club's Sean Velasco had this to say.

"...Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. I can't believe he wasn't in Smash. Other than that, I'd just love to hear what Nintendo would think we could do a good job on. I'd like to help them in whatever way we could."

Now that's an answer no one expected! With how skilled Yacht Club is, I think any franchise they'd tackle would be a a hit!