Reggie discusses what it was like taking the Game Awards stage with Sony's Shawn Layden and Microsoft's Phil Spencer

One of the best moments of this year's Game Awards didn't have anything to do with surprise game reveals. To kick off the show, Reggie Fils-Aime took the stage with Xbox and PlayStation heads Phil Spencer and Shawn Layden. The three came together to celebrate gaming as an industry, and show off a united front for the industry we love. In an interview with IGN, Reggie discusses what that moment was like.

“Here's what's so important, from my perspective. Our industry is the most vibrant across all of entertainment. The opportunity to speak to all the players and to deliver a message of community, a message of inclusion, a message that all of us are looking to immerse ourselves in the best content, the best entertainment available today. That was a really important message. And to drive home a thought of community and inclusion, that in many regards was carried throughout the entire show. I thought was really positive.”

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Even though it was obviously badly scripted ad cringy as Hell, it was an imoortant moment.

So essentially like most crossover events.

It wasn't as cringey as it was PR speak. If three PR people say it, as long as it isn't Bethesda or EA levels of bad, then it wont be good, itll just come of as PR, which it did, but the actual idea and moment were good yes.

It was in many ways kinda epic. The three on stage, but damn the performance was bad. Well, it's a good start at least. Mayhap Sony will open up for cross platform gaming...... Or not. Shawn didn't look like he liked being there. Neither did Reggie. Phil on the other hand seemed to enjoy it.

Why Reggie, why did you do it? You don't compete with Sony and Microsoft, remember? 😉

I was hoping Reggie would be more of a 90's jerk in the interview. "Yeah, I tossed those losers a bone and walked onstage with them, give them a nice photo and everything. NINTENDO RULES!"

Companies acting like enemies helps no one. It’s better for the industry and gamers for there to be a mutual respect between competitors.

Competitors =/= Enemies

No if only the fanboys would understand that too.


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