Game devs come together to share their 'most embarrassing dev crimes' to squash glitches and bugs

Steve Gaynor, one of the devs on Gone Home, took to Twitter to share one of his dirty coding secrets for the game. Sometimes you have to do weird things to make your game work! The players will never know, but the developer lives in shame for the rest of their lives!

Multiple devs took Gaynor's call, and have been sharing their dev crimes on Twitter in response. We've pulled a few to share below, but make sure you hit up the full thread to see many more!

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Some of those are amazing. I especially love the washing machine code and water wheel of triggers. I haven't done anything like these yet.

The "hackiest" thing I've done yet is making a mission panel disappear by making it spin... As it was a simple 3D face with no back, when it was facing away from the camera, it was invisible.
On the same project, the gameplay guy made the bullets have a long "stick" collider sticking out toward and away from the camera, so that even if you missed, you were still hitting, because it was a 45 degree isometric 3D game. People were complaining they were missing even if they were hitting the guys (which was false, but the perspective was really bad, and anyway, the game was still ruthlessly hard even after that).


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