Nintendo grabs new trademarks for FlingSmash and The Last Window

These Nintendo trademark filings could go on for years and years! Nintendo has grabbed yet another pair of trademarks, this time for FlingSmash and The Last Window. These trademarks pertain to ‘video game program’, ‘downloadable video game program’, and ‘program for smartphone’.

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Sun Dec 16 18 10:37am
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Man I loved playing through the Kyle Hyde games. Wish the team had the chance to wrap up the trilogy.

I bought Flingsmash a long time ago for super cheap. Never beat it.

Sun Dec 16 18 11:21am
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I was thinking that looks like the character from Hotel Dusk...and it is!
I'd love to play a sequel of that game.

Since the DS is region-free you can just import the sequel from the UK. That's what I did. Definitely a worthy sequel!

I just keep seeing games that I never thought Nintendo would not have made...

Why I just played Adventures of Lolo and am surprised that Hal did not bother with the IP ever since...

Sun Dec 16 18 04:22pm
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This doesn't confirm anything, it is likely that new games won't result from this.

I still mourn CING all these years on. I thought their revival via “Chase: Cold Cases” was going somewhere, but they’ve been pretty much silence since. Sad

Sun Dec 16 18 11:53pm
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Me too Sad and I thought Chase: Cold Cases was so disappointing. It was apparent that they had very little budget for the game.

*And I know this is a long shot, but I hope Hotel Dusk and Last Window gets a re-release and even more long shot, Last Window gets an American localization instead of the British one.


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