Celeste will make you better at every video game - Polygon video feature

Celeste's level design mirrors actual rock climbing, and Brian David Gilbert is here to explain why that will help you be better at every other game you play.

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Nope. I played and finished Celeste and got quite good at it too. Iā€™m still terrible at Smash however šŸ¤£

Hmm, that's definitely questionable. Definitely still a helpful game, through the story it tells about coping with mental health issues.

Help you play games better, from Polygon.

It got me actively worse due to the thumb-pain it caused that has not healed to this day several months later.

Wed Dec 19 18 11:08am
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Try deeply massaging the base of your thumb working your way to the end. It may just be stuck energy that needs to be released. When I used to smoke cigarettes I realized just how much wear and tear on my thumb and switched to using my finger to use the lighter since it was just as easy. These two things combined really helped when it became uncomfortable, popping at the knuckle, and eventually painful.

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