Smash Bros. Ultimate - Sakurai talks balancing, lag, gameplay speed, Castlevania representation, and more

While we've already featured snippets from the most recent Famitsu feature with Masahiro Sakurai, the full web version has gone live. That gives us a bit more insight into the game's creation, which has been detailed below. The translation comes from our friends at Source-Gaming.

- Sakurai left balancing completely to the balancing team
- the increase in gameplay speed is tough on online play, as it leaves less room for lag
- the increased knockback speed makes it easier to lose track of your character
- when making Brawl, the team slowed things
- this is because the high speed of Melee would have been too exclusionary for all the new/inexperienced players
- Castlevania was highly requested in the Smash Ballot
- when it came time to add new content, Sakurai says his Castlevania choices were limited
- a lot of players would probably be most familiar with Alucard, but fans would probably prefer one of the Belmonts


So, they are locking new/inexperienced players out again, and deliberately this time?

Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Mon Dec 17 18 09:16pm
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But can't people choose settings and fight others with same/similar settings online?

Mon Dec 17 18 09:28pm
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Brawl was a bad game (there's a reason Brawl+ and the other mods became popular) and it's called practice. My friend's gf, who's never played Smash before, started at level 1 CPU's a couple days after Ultimate released and now she can beat level 9's. #gitgud

I can’t tell if this is a serious reply or not ... because wow

Brawl and even 4 were too slow to be fun. There are better ways to have people learn a game than making it boring.

Tue Dec 18 18 10:32am
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If you ask a new/inexperienced smash player at that time, they would tell you that they played brawl for a week and got done with it.

In reality, it's the pros and enthusiasts the ones who give the smash bros games their time of life. So, obviously, the new smash games have to cater for that crowd

All in all, although I am a total noob when it comes to SSB, I still have a lot of fun with it. But I really miss co-op in World of Light ...

Tue Dec 18 18 01:10am
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a lot of players would probably be most familiar with Alucard, but fans would probably prefer one of the Belmonts

That's a "Why not both?" situation if I've ever heard one.

Like half the roster is taken up by Mario-Pokemon-Fire Emblem characters. They could have worked in a 3rd playable Castlevania rep. (-_-)

Can't this guy do something else other than smash?

He made kid icarus uprising

Ok..and Kirby and meteos...whatelse?

So, what else did kojima made aside from metal gear and a game currently not released?

Well he directed super Castlevania 4, is the one behind silent hills, has done many games that deserve ports like the snatcher....

But it's still a few franchises that he is known for. Back to my point, Sakurai is famous enough with kirby and smash bros.; why would he need to make more games aside from those? Just like aonuma is famous for zelda (he also hasn't made much besides that), sakurai can live by smash alone and retire happily in the coming years

There's a difference between working with someone who expects you to make a new game of an IP and someone who is hired to make a game for any console.

That is literally the reason why the head of Sora made the company in the first place because he works as a freelance game designer.

There is very little of what the other two could do knowing that their best output is what they know best. If Sora really wants to experiment further into games, then make other types of games that don't have Smash in it.

Heck, even Kid Icarus Uprising has "Smash" elements to it.

if nintendo stops asking him to make more SSB games, yes


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