Monolith Soft continues to grow, now 184 employees strong

Monolith Soft has had an excellent year, and there's no doubt bigger and better things are in their future. Their recent successes have lead to company growth, which Monolith Soft shared detailed in a report.

- Monolith Soft now has 184 employees
- average years of service per employee: 8 years and 3 months
- average age of employees: 37.01 years
- gender ratio of graduate recruits in 2018: 28.6% female / 71.4% male

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Tue Dec 25 18 07:44am
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Great! Ao bring those Xenoblade’s ports!

I'd rather they'd outsource a port and devote all resources to their next game. Port of X would be cool but not if it takes time away from their next big game.

Pretty amazing what they accomplished with Xenoblade 2 considering their relatively small size. Now imagine if they had the team size of an Assassins's Creed game.

Great! Now, the can create a team to make BK 3

I cannot wait to see MONOLITH SOFT's next project for the Nintendo Switch only.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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