Game Freak hoping to 'surprise players' in 2019

We all know that Game Freak is hard at work on their brand-new, mainline Pokemon game for Switch, and the plan is to release it in 2019. That means we should be seeing something for the game in the not-too-distant future, right? While Game Freak isn't giving any specific details yet, they did say that they're hoping to surprise players in 2019. We'll all be waiting to see what that surprise is, so let's hope it comes soon!

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Wed Dec 26 18 08:54pm
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I just hope they take a chance to try to evolve the series

Wed Dec 26 18 02:33pm
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Pokemon Lets Go Pichu and Lets Go Eve (a baby eevee) thats the surprise

The statement doesn't really say very much, but it does get me excited. As the first real traditional entry on the Switch, it's got a lot of peoples hopes riding on it.

I’m way more interested in TOWN than in any Pokémon game.

Wow. Aren’t you hip?

Probably more than most who want more Pokémon every year.

I hope that it's good enough gain my interest. It's really weird being a Nintendo fan, but not being huge on Pokemon.

Wed Dec 26 18 03:57pm
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BotW engine reinvention of Pokémon series confirmed.

Wed Dec 26 18 04:31pm
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I hope it's GF announcing that they are closing and literally any other studio is now in charge of making Pokemon games.

Wed Dec 26 18 06:29pm
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Why do you want another developer taking over the franchise? please dont say you are one of the "i want pokemon breath of the wild style" believers..(and i dont mean that in the quality cense but in the openworld cense)

Thu Dec 27 18 01:43am
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I just want someone competent to take the reigns, Pokemon games are unambitious and it's developers outright refuse to capitalize on the opportunities new technology brings. If Grand Theft Auto were made by Gamefreak it would still be top down and score based, and would never have evolved into the massive 80 million selling juggernaut it is today, over time GTA games sold increasingly more because Rockstar were ambitious, over time Pokemon game sales have dwindled because Gamefreak refuses to grow up.

oh yea i agree with you to a certain degree. Gamefreak is stubborn at least the old team is, thats the reason why the pro controller isnt supported.

I just dont want pokemon to turn into the standard cookie cutter open world game, every game nowadays is openworld. Keep the semi openworld structure of the older games, make that slightly more open and make the world feel more alive.

Pokemon is unique in it's own ways, so a standard cookie cutter open world wouldn't magically just work, and the only reason you'd get that if Gamefreak ever decided to actually push Pokemon forwards is Gamefreaks own incompetence.

Well thats not entirely true, but im of the opinion that not everything has to be open world. Ten years ago openworld games where fresh. But now almost all franchises are open world even if its predecessor wasnt open world(im looking at you beyond good and evil).

Besides making an breathing living openworld game takes allot of time, and i dont think the pokemon company wants 4-5 years intervals between generations. Because thats what your getting if they went full on openworld. Unless they took the dull ubisoft route, then you can make a lifeless world every year.

Leave it semi openworld, make that as living as possible thanks to the massive powerboost from 3ds to switch. make some awesome art and pokemon design and your done.

A finished game with a postgame would be a nice surprise.

Wed Dec 26 18 04:47pm
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A great game like BW2 or a decent one like SM (but without the national dex being missing) would be nice. Just please never EVER bring out a product as abysmal and insufferable as ORAS ever again. LGPE almost went that route but managed to at least be consistent throughout unlike ORAS with difficulty.

What was wrong with ORAS? I thought it was the best game recently

Thu Dec 27 18 01:08pm
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So much I could rant for ages but TLDR: It's one of the most insultingly easy games I've ever played and it removed features from RSE for no reason, like Safari Zone, the Pokeblock game, the Battle Tower/Frontier, Trainer Hill, Game Corner, etc and offered no replacements for any. Not to mention, the Contests (The second quest of sorts in OG RS) are so easy that they can be broken in half with spamming rainbow pokeblocks when before they required extreme and careful planning with your moveset.

Compared to HGSS which added so much new and refined so much old, ORAS feels beyond lazy in comparison and I actually think LGPE/FRLG are more faithful and suitable to their OG games than ORAS ended up being, as it didn't really know what it wanted to be (New version of Hoenn with improvements like Soaring, Devnav, ETC, but also a dumbed down autopilot game with no challenge or anything extra to do) Masuda was mainly to blame for the dumbing down aspect, which is why people really hate him and why they didn't like LGPE's direction (but it seemed it was more focused there, unlike ORAS where it dumbs down tons of stuff yet makes Regigigas so damn cryptic you NEED a guide)

As cool as it would be if they went full-on Breath of the Wild or Odyssey with it, it's unlikely that this is going to be some kind of open world game or something. An MMO would be a lot of fun, though. Even if it was the same as the normal games but you can see and interact with other people there.

Wed Dec 26 18 08:54pm
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I just hope they take a chance to try to evolve the series

I see what you did there


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