Smash Bros. Ultimate - 'Now You're Playing With Spirit Power' Spirit Board event on the way

Nintendo has announced a new Spirit Board event for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Starting Jan. 4th, 2019, you'll be able to take part in the 'Now You're Playing With Spirit Power' Spirit Board. This will include various Spirits who appeared on the NES/Famicom. While you'll see many of these Spirits regularly, they'll appear much more frequently during the event.


Is there any chance we could see a Nester spirit?

These spirit events would be a lot cooler if I didn't already have like 97% of the spirits already. Got to finally sit down with the game over Christmas vacation and a Spirits is really not too hard to plow through aside from a few like Pauline.

That's impressive, I only have 300 spirits myself, I've put about 12 hours into WOL.

Once you get into the 500 range, you probably have enough to take on any spirit battle reasonably enough if not full on cheese most. Super armor, metal, and giant spirits get you a ton of mileage if you don't care about fair fights. I always choose from the recommended spirits they tell you before a match and that's typicality enough. I haven't had a ton of trouble with a lot of them aside from some of the Legendaries.

Ugh, don’t remind me of that Pauline one. Reminds me why I hate that stage.

Not gonna lie, that’s a 10/10 pun right there.

Wed Jan 02 19 08:50am
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If Captain N can't be a fighter, then he can at least be a spirit!

Without any exclusive Spirits, it's not worth doing.


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