Parents play Mario Kart 64 every single day to see who has to make the daily cup of tea

This is so damn wonderful. Reddit user Bork1138 shared the above image of his parents playing a round of Mario Kart 64. Turns out this is more than just a friendly game though. This is how the two decide who's going to make tea for the day. The winner gets to sit back and sip sweet victory, while the loser has to shuffle off to the kitchen to prepare the drinks.

As is usually the case with the internet, many were quick to accuse Bork1138 of lying. Thankfully that's not the case here, and Bork1138 was able to produce a picture of the couple performing their racing ritual 4 years back. According to Bork1138, the two have been battling out in Mario Kart 64 on a daily basis since 2001!

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That's awesome. The fact that they're still playing is a testament to Nintendo's game design.

Wholesome fun. The world needs more.

Huh, that reminds me. Only another 41 years before that Froot by the Foot runs out.

At first glance I almost thought you were doing experiments on your own parents Rawmeat, making them play Mario Kart until they learned something. Also reminded me I haven't seen a parent's play in a while. Hopefully they are doing okay and healthy for future updates. I do miss their humor and over the top chemistry. Their videos are real treasures.

I wonder if this is the only Mario Kart they've played? I find that every time a new Mario Kart game releases it's difficult to return to the older ones, in particular the pre-Double Dash entries. The SNES and GBA versions especially are just no good anymore.

Parents Play - Super Mario Party?


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