Bandai Namco files trademarks for various Famicom/NES games

Bandai Namco is cooking up something for a handful of Famicom/NES games. We aren't quite sure what's going on, but one would think perhaps these titles will be heading to the Switch Online NES catalog soon. The titles with new trademarks include...

“Battle City” (2018-152914)
“Warpman” (2018-152915)
“Final Lap” (2018-152916)
“Family Pinball” (2018-152917) (known as Rock ‘n Ball in the west)
“Aratanaru Densetsu” (2018-152918) (the Japanese subtitle to the Nintendo Entertainment System game Dragon Spirit: The New Legend)

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Mon Jan 07 19 04:01pm
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Probably for the Nintendo Switch Online NES app. Yawn.

If that's the case, why Bandai?

If I recall things right, these are all Namco games for the NES (at least for Battle City I'm sure of that); since nowadays Namco and Bandai have merged into a single company, here's why both company names are here!


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