Yoshi's Crafted World getting physical release with download code in Japan

As we've stated before, our friends in Japan are pretty fond of having physical boxes for their games. That's why they have an option that we don't in NA/EU. The My Nintendo Store in Japan is offering a regular game box with game card, but it also offers a game box with a download code. This way you can download the game from the comfort of your own home, but still have a box to display on your shelf!

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Japan always gets so many more better options and deals. The custom Joy-Cons are another example.

How about including a downloadcode in ALL retail boxes, even those with card included? Nowadays most vinylboxes and a lot of CD albums have downloadcodes as well.

But that'd give 2 (or 3 with family sharing) copies for the price of 1! ! ! Are you MAD? Have 3 kids? Make each of them pay for their own cipy of the game!


(Yeah, i wish we had dl physical dual as well.)

That would be awesome but people would just sell the physical and keep the digital or vice versa. It would practically be selling two copies of the game and cut into their sales.

How does it work with movies? Don’t many DVDs or Blu-Rays come with a download of the movie too? At least they used to.

Yeah, but strangely the second market for movies isn't that big, compared to games.

Wed Jan 09 19 12:02pm
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I also like getting boxes with my games, but I prefer cartridges to be in those boxes.

I will never understand the mindset of someone who would pay money for a fake retail product like this.


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