Ariana Grande shows off her new Eevee tattoo

Ariana Grande recently told her fans that she spent 15 hours straight playing Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee. It's not the first time she's expressed her love of the Pokemon franchise, and today we know it's not the last time either. Grande followed up her Pokemon: Let's Go news by sharing a picture of her new tattoo, seen above. Looks like she really is a big fan of Pokemon, and Eevee in particular!

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Mon Jan 14 19 03:37pm
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I agree. Tattoos used to be for bikers and pirates. Now every soccer mom and barista has a bunch of tattoos, and a lot of them are pretty ugly or unoriginal.

Mon Jan 14 19 03:26pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

I'm not a fan of beautiful people ruining their bodies with random and large tattoos. Maybe a small one here or there is fine, but beyond that I'm just not a fan.

Mon Jan 14 19 03:37pm
Rating: 3

I agree. Tattoos used to be for bikers and pirates. Now every soccer mom and barista has a bunch of tattoos, and a lot of them are pretty ugly or unoriginal.

I don't mind much if the tattoos actually look nice, but what I find is that 90% (obviously a stat I pulled out my ass) of tattoos that people get look like they paid 20 bucks max for. If I was gonna get a tattoo, I would be sure it's of something that meant a lot to me and I would be willing to pay good money for a quality one, because that shit is forever (well...unless you wanna pay even more than the cost of a decent tattoo to get it removed and have a nice scar).

Unlike HAWK, I disagree. Tattoos are supposed to be personal, like those I have. I was 14 when I got my first tat. A buddy of mine made tats at home. He even made his own machine using a walkman of all things and did some great work. Actually, even though it might not be very original, it's from some art in an old gaming magazine for a fantasy game (can't remember which, I just liked it) and it's a dragon head on my back. I have several more that are more original. My sleeve is designed by me and two tattoo artists. Another is my complete original idea etc. I am now 38 and I never regretted it. Not for a second. They are a part of my biography or my "life story". Different chapters of my life and I will get plenty more since I have some rad ideas ;)

@HAWK: I'm not a biker nor a pirate, even though I resemble both (and will get my Harley when I got the money), but I am a hard rocker/metalhead and I think it fits us perfect ;) But I can agree that many a people did it because of a trend thing, but they often regret it. But that's their problem.

On another note: There are some women who really look great with their tats. Sexyer even. It just fits some people's style.

Oh and...I'm not even a fan of Ariana nor Pokemon, but I think this was pretty cool still. She's showing her passion for Eevee .


Mon Jan 14 19 03:57pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well it's their body, they can do what they want to themselves. I'd agree that tattoos are now so common, the "uniqueness" of them has worn off a bit. Kind of like how half of all men have beards and hipster glasses now. It looks tacky.

Holy crap! I've got a big beard AND tats... Now what? Smile

Mon Jan 14 19 04:14pm
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At least the non-fun brigade haven’t come to down vote this story with their insecurities over someone who is famous (but not to them because they don’t like her so it doesn’t count) showing love and appreciation for gaming. It must all be a fake PR stunt anyways /s

For the record - I couldn’t care less whether you like tattoos or not. That wasn’t my point.

Mon Jan 14 19 04:46pm
(Updated 2 times)

Yeah, I mean she's clearly an actual gaming fan--or else this really would be a very shallow and dumb move imo. S o I can appreciate and respect that part of it for sure.

But, yeah, not a fan of the tat, because I'm not a fan of tats in general, even though it's pretty good line work. And I have a feeling she's one of those people who might end up covering herself in these things, which I like even less.

Mon Jan 14 19 05:42pm
Rating: 2

Instead we got the usual run of anti-tattoo people. Whenever I discuss tattoos it never fails - there's always someone who comments "I wouldn't do that with my body" or something along those lines. It's ok for people to feel that way but it's also ok if they keep it to themselves.

Wed Jan 16 19 03:27am
(Updated 2 times)

I see what you mean, but how about tattoo people just stop showing off then? It’s equally annoying to having to see something all the time that looks like dirty skin or a skin disease at first glance. It takes a few moments to realize it’s supposed to be "art" and is not actually dirty, but it’s impossible to ignore that initial feeling. And it happens every time you see a tattoo. Another aspect is that in many cultures and places around the world, tattoos are recognized as body marks of a criminal, which is why you are banned of most public baths, some bars, or even some hotels in Japan if you wear a tattoo. You will also have problems even finding a job. Maybe that helps you understand how at least some anti-tattoo people might feel. A tattoo is something not everyone will be able to accept for various reasons, traditions and past experiences.

It's best you don't share those feelings. You're incredibly insulting. Sorry the sight of us dirty tattooed criminals are annoying to your eyes.

Wed Jan 16 19 05:04am
(Updated 1 time)

Excuse me? I just tried to explain objectively what kind of problems people around the world are having with tattoos, because those who do have tattoos don’t always seem to know/understand. You are the one who is insulting me right now.

No, you're not turning this around on me. You've already said what you said and your words were hurtful. I'm done with you. Goodbye.

Wed Jan 16 19 05:39am
(Updated 3 times)

It’s mostly a cultural thing. When posting tattoos public, one should not expect everyone to praise and celebrate. Same with piercings obviously. Also, your words were hurtful to me, because you attacked me personally while I only described a general issue. Likewise, I’m done with you, Goodbye.

Tue Jan 15 19 09:14am
Rating: 1

I think the modern anti-tattoo trend is just like the tatto trend from the 90's. But that's me Smile

Mon Jan 14 19 04:16pm
Rating: 2

Ugh, tattoos are disgusting.

If you really care about something a tattoo might make sense, but there are better ways to express yourself than something that permanent.

That's a nice tattoo. Looks clean.

I like Eevee and all but I'm not sure I'd even wear a shirt with one of them on it. Much less commit to a tat.

Still I guess there's worse game iconography she could have gone for.


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