RUMOR - Dragon Quest XI S planned for worldwide launch in 2019

Dragon Quest XI S is a lock for Japanese release in 2019. There's no doubt about that. The good news is, a report states that both North America and Europe will get the game this year as well.

While nothing has been officially stated by Square-Enix at this time, multiple sources in the supply chain are showing that Dragon Quest XI S is going to launch in both NA/EU in 2019 as well. It certainly seems plausible, and hopefully Square-Enix confirms this news in the near future.


I hope This rumor turn up to be true so we can have This on The Switch and This game make a huge sucess so That Square Enix keep Suporting The Switch

Tue Jan 15 19 07:30am
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It would be nice if Square Enix saw how well Octopath did and said maybe with some slight effort we can make money on Switch.

Even though Nintendo handled Octopath Traveler entirely themselves in the west.
Including all Dragon Quest games since the DS.
If this is getting a worldwide release it's because of Nintendo of America and Europe. Not actually Square Enix

Now thiks is some good news if true....I mean, majority is already translated and voiced, so likely just some extra touches for the new content.


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