Nyko releasing Dpad Case for Switch

Nyko has revealed one of their latest Switch projects, the Dpad Case. Check out details on the case below.

- ultra-thin case
- removable cover for the buttons of the left Joy-Con to turn it into an actual D-Pad
- D-Pad cover can be stored within the case itself
- offers game card storage within the separate Joy-Con cases themselves
- allows for the case to remain attached when docked
- due out Spring 2019 for $20

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Tue Jan 15 19 05:46pm
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I hate to put down a product made with an admirable goal... but that D-pad does not look very pleasant to use.

I just want a good regular classic Nintendo-style D-pad. Not even Nintendo is giving that to me.

The pro controller has that. Official d-pad Joy-Cons likely won't happen, as they defeat the idea of being able to use it sideways as a separate controller.

Unfortunately, the D-pad on the Pro controllers are not up to the usual quality on Nintendo's D-pads, thanks to a lack of a middle fulcrum point.


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