Some analysts now think Nintendo might pull off their fiscal year goal of 20 million Switch units sold

Back when Nintendo originally announced their goal of selling 20 million Switch units in the current fiscal year, most analysts thought the number was outlandish. When you look at the Switch's first and second year software lineup, you could see why most analysts scoffed at the figure. The Switch hit roughly 18 million units sold last fiscal year, and that was with some of the biggest names in Nintendo's library. Could Nintendo really bring in even more Switch sales in the second fiscal year with just a few heavy-hitters to close out the year? Now that the holiday dust has settled, some analysts are thinking Nintendo's projection was spot-on.

While we don't have sales data from Nintendo, we do have some analyst and inside commentary. They obviously know some details if they're changing their tune from earlier in the fiscal year. Here's some of the chatter they've been sharing.

- Switch holiday demand was 'unexpectedly good'
- some analysts believe Nintendo sold 10 million Switch units in from Oct. to Dec. 2018 alone
- analysts expect Nintendo to raise FY earnings guidance on the back of strong demand for software

We'll have Nintendo's Q3 results on Jan. 31st, which will no doubt show a huge amount of Switch units sold. That'll give everyone a much better idea of whether Nintendo can hit their 20 million goal for the fiscal year, which would end March 31st, 2019. I think the one thing we can surmise right now is that even if Nintendo misses 20 million sold in the fiscal year, they're going to be damn close.

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Wed Jan 16 19 03:04am
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One of these days, Nintendo... BANG! ZOOM! Straight to your doom. :p

Wed Jan 16 19 03:04am
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One of these days, Nintendo... BANG! ZOOM! Straight to your doom. :p

Wed Jan 16 19 03:51am
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Oh they're doomed. Nintendo are paying off journalists to cover up the impending collapse.

I am very curious how far they got on Pokemon Let's GO abd Smash Ultimate this holiday season.

Just release one big hitter first party game and get a good exclusive 3rd party game before the FY ends and it can truly work out.

Come on with that Jan Direct already.

They already did those. For first party, it's new super Mario Bros u deluxe.

For third party, it's onimusha.

Onimusha is a big hitter 3rd party exclusive? And I was actually thinking more like a new first party game like, let's say, Animal Crossing. That would boost sales.

Just out of curiosity, who is the one in Nintendo that expected the switch to sell 20 million? Cause I would love to know how he came to that conclusion.

Kimishima was CEO at the time, but it was probably a joint decision among him, Furakawa and others.

I said it would sell 20 million too. It seemed very possible based on the strategy Nintendo was laying out. I don't see why people thought it wasn't a possibility.

What companies do is not guess a number cross fingers for it to happen.
Instead they raise funds for game releases and marketing and expect the return of the investment. This financial return is then translated to sales number, both for hardware and software.

It was both a goal and a projection based on their plans for the year. Not an expectation. They thought it was achievable but knew it would be difficult. The goal/projection set the direction for their efforts this year, including the marketing and other efforts. They'd try their best working to achieve their set goal.

So it's much more complicated than an expectation based on some kind of a conclusion someone drew.

Ha nice try Nintend-NO PR, using your alt accounts to spread fake news.



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