New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe's Japanese debut bests New Super Mario Bros. U's opening week sales

The Switch can claim yet another victory when it comes to Wii U ports. New Super Mario Bros. U's launch week sales in Japan came in at 163,582 units sold back in 2012. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has had its first week in Japan, and total sales came out to be 166,303 units. We're comparing NSMBU, which was a launch game on Wii U, to NSMBUD, which has received little promotion and came out after the holiday season. Once again, we see Nintendo's approach to select Wii U ports continues to pay off!


I don't know why it's called "New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe", it's not new anymore ;) and there's nothing Deluxe about it. If anything it's inferior, the Boost Mode is completely removed and the attributed challenges. It's one of the laziest Wii U ports yet. Still, it's sold fairly well. The Switch though has a far higher install base in Japan, it's the first biggish game of the year and NSMBU was 1 of 23 launch titles on Wii U.

Wed Jan 16 19 12:41pm
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It's no secret at this point that this circle of Wii U ports of first-party titles mainly exists to sway in a purchase from the people without a Wii U (which, judging by console sales figures like the ones reported here on GN in the past, they're quite a lot, at least compared to the Switch), but could they at least add something substancial to increase the replayability value for those who want to double-dip the game from the original Wii U version?!?

Side modes/elements like DKCR2's Funky Kong and Toadette/the Crown shroom are nice additions, sure, but nothing on the scope of something like new levels or building up from the original game's game modes.

Well deserved sales. NSMBU was a solid game, probably the best in the NSMB series at that point. Doesn't hurt to have another solid platforming title on Switch especially if for whatever reason you never got a chance to play NSMBU. It performing well out of the gate should have been expected as seen from the sales over in the UK as well.

Yeah! The Switch is selling better than the Wii U and now more people can play those games and it's just so sad.

Can't be a sad thing if more players are getting the opportunity to play great games they missed out on. It's the biggest reason why you see some clamoring for other Wii U ports to make the jump over as well.

I was being sarcastic in case you didn't notice ;)


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