Yes, Masahiro Sakurai plays Smash Bros. Ultimate for fun

You'd think Sakurai would be burnt out on Smash Bros. Ultimate by now. Years in development, and continued work on DLC. Surely he doesn't even want to think about the game when he leaves work. That's not the case at all, as Sakurai reveals in his latest Famitsu feature. Check out a translated snippet from the feature below, courtesy of NintendoEverything.

I’ve been playing Smash Bros. on-and-off too. Of course, I was able to fiddle around with it here and there during development, and I still play it with the rest of the staff during our lunch breaks. That being said, I’m still able to enjoy it as it is on my own Switch back at home. I spend my days sending my spirits out to scour for resources, sending them to training Dojos, and leveling up any Legend class spirits I have. In the long run, I plan to play until I’ve collected every spirit; other games take priority, though, so I’m making my way through it all at a leisurely pace.


I wish I could take Sakurai on in smash, I bet he's a total pushover. Imagine a hardcore smash player going into to a 1v1 quick-play match just to end up fighting Sakurai and being forced to use items with hazards on.

But does he play “for glory” as well?

Thu Jan 17 19 02:25am
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This man is too pure for this world.

I'd be interested to see Sakurai's backlog, and what games he's currently playing.

I don't follow it closely, but I think he regularly talk about it on his Famitsu column.

This man is amazing he deserve a long períod of sleep after delevering The best Super Smash Bros game


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