YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG contains a Satoru Iwata tribute

YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG players have noticed a very straightforward tribute to none other than former Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata. As you can see in the image above, this isn't a passing reference or hidden shout-out. This is a very direct mention of the man himself. Some people find the tribute to be a bit tasteless, and it's causing quite a discussion on Twitter. What do you think?

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Fri Jan 18 19 04:38am
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I think quite the contrary, it is rather tasteful. Tactful at least.

It's just a date you come across, as a tribute and an invitation to remember a great man. The game devs probably didn't want to overdo it and considered it was not their place to do anymore than that. It's probably how japanese people would have done it, with quiet dignity.

I think I am a bit biased against this game because everything I've seen of it (and I've even played that demo) just didn't speak to me. But while I wouldn't say this is tasteless or tactless, it does rub me the wrong way. I love it when I see tributes in games where Iwata had a personal hand in and where the developers personally knew him, but I highly doubt that is the case with the developers on this game.

And it's a literal grave in this game, and it refers to Iwata directly. This implies Iwata died in that town in that game and that's just... wrong. Compare it to BotW's Iwata tribute, where it's more like Iwata is a sort of guardian spirit horse-thing that looks over the land from on top of his mountain, so it's like even though he died in real life, he lives on in the games he had a hand in.

Is YIIK any good? It looked crazy but it looks like it could be doing too much to be fulfilling.

This is the opposite of tasteless. It's a tribute and the only issue comes from it being during a time period when he was alive, so it's a bit of an oddity to see 2015 as a date in a game in 1999. Ironically, the ResetEra thread with outrage on this was almost universally panned by everyone on the forum (including me) for how stupid it would be to think it's offensive

This game is one of those games that promoted itself way too much, way too early... For the last year I've been thinking, "Just release your game or shut up. I'm tired of hearing about a game that looks like it's pronounced 'Yeek' and is probably for hipsters." So I'm already a little bit against the game.

Putting Iwata's grave in the game without any surrounding context makes it fall short as a "tribute". You need to also say something good about Iwata. But I don't find it offensive because I feel like they wanted to pay tribute, they just did it in a way that felt too neutral.

Like, imagine if they put Charles Manson's grave in the game. Are they paying tribute to Charles Manson? Are they celebrating the death of a bad person? It's hard to tell because it's just a grave that signifies his death.

If I were the developer, I'd just put some kind words about Iwata on the gravestone to clear things up.

Fri Jan 18 19 03:22pm
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I don't find it offensive, but explicitly visible. These kind of things are usually hidden, left for the player to find/figure out. Maybe it would've been better if they blurried the name and left the lifespan of Iwata.


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