Gunman Clive HD Collection was mostly up-and-running on Switch in a week, has been ready to launch for 2 years now

Gunman Clive HD Collection just recently saw release on the Switch, but it's actually been ready to go for quite some time. Developer Bertil Hörberg actually had the game up-and-running on Switch in about a week's time, and had it fully ready to go within the span of a month. Turns out that all happened back between Nov. and Dec. 2016.

Wondering why Gunman Clive HD Collection didn't release all the way back then? Hörberg says that a number of factors lead to holding the game back, including Nintendo's initial decision to hold back ports that didn't include new content. Some might remember that a handful of devs were struggling to get their games on Switch at first, and this was due to Nintendo blocking their release. Nintendo didn't want the eShop flooded with ports of games lacking new content right out of the gate, but obviously Nintendo has completely removed those restrictions now.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!


Yeah that policy was absolutely stupid and dumb and kept a lot of gems out of the eShop. I'm kinda glad they loosened up even if the eShop needs a redesign.

But Nintendo was fine with the eShop being flooded with shovelware?

Considering how before they opened the gates, they were strict and stingy beyond belief, I'd take this free-reign thing going on even if the awful eShop layout means more bad games will slip in as a result, if good games like this can also come out even if Nintendo isn't on board.

Fri Jan 18 19 09:29pm
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Well, it seems like they did this to avoid the Switch being perceived as a port machine.

Eventually, I guess they felt like the Switch made a name for itself, or that being a port machine wasn't a bad thing!


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