Europe's physical release for Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster includes Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster as a download code

Yesterday we posted up a European retail listing for Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster. Both games will indeed be available through one retail package, but there's a bit of fine print on the Amazon Europe listing that is sure to upset fans.

While Final Fantasy X HD Remaster will indeed be on a game card, the listing states that Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster will be included in the package as a download code. This wording does not appear on the North American retail listings for the game. This either means NA releases will have both games on one card, or we're getting the EU treatment as well and we just don't know it yet!


-crosses fingers for NA getting lucky and having both on 1 cart-

Unless Square puts it on a 32gb cart, it will be this way.

well i rather have a download code for the second game than them trying to compress the game to hell and back to let it fit on a 16gb cart. No way they are going to use a 32gb, those are still way to expansive.

The problem about cost with the 32gb carts is that no one is trying to use them, not even Nintendo, in order to bring the cost down. There's been 2 games (I think) that have used them, and both were only released in Japan. DQ Heroes I & II and the Bayonetta 1/2 special edition

Oh yeah. The Bayo 1-2 are on one cart on the special edition. Seems like I really have to multi dip on these.

But still. Does anyone know how much a 32GB cart costs compared to a 16GB one?

Sun Jan 20 19 03:14pm
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Whuh? I own the Japanese non-stop climax edition and both games came on separate carts in separate boxes... I've never heard of a 2-game 32GB version before.

Yeah, I own that as well, and it is indeed two carts, one for each game. As far as I know it's only Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 that are on a 32GB card as of now.

even if 32gb carts where used, the prices of the carts wouldnt go down. Its just a case of harder to develop, higher failure rate and thus less carts that are good for print. Dont get me wrong, this year or maybe next year the process will probably be easier and probably have a 64gb cart introduced meaning lower prices for the 32gb carts.

that was the case with ssd and sd carts, so im sure that applies to this aswell

We can all agree that they will become cheaper...But when exactly? It has been a real bad scar for Nintendo and the Switch. Nintendo are running out of time by now. Hope they can at least fix the 32 GB carts A.S.A.P. and work on getting the &¤ carts active. But guess that will happen with the Switch 2.

Given how well the system is doing, it'd be nice if Nintendo would eat the cost of 32GB carts to help out.

Already had to write off half a dozen Switch games I would have bought instantly because of half-a-game releases, I am getting more worried as time goes on about this problem...

Mon Jan 21 19 11:18am
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But that depends again on those costs. Seems like only very few know how much these carts are. But I agree. They do lose sales with this and it's bad for Ninty, developers/publishers and, of course, us gamers. I want Doom for the Switch actually, but not getting it like this. Nintendo really should step in, but guess the success and the money they earn is a reason they don't since they don't need to.

Sun Jan 20 19 01:32pm
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The PS4 version is 32GB. The Vita version 6.6GB. The Switch as a console sits somewhere in between, so it's not unreasonable to think that with assests tailored to fit and run well on the more humble Switch hardware, it would not be quite as large as on PS4, but still quite larger than on Vita. 16GB is like right in the middle... we will only know when eShop file sizes get revealed anyway. But I don't see why the game should be as big as on the PS4, the Switch has less RAM to fit all the same high res assets in it anyway.

A more fair comparison would be the PS3, as that has somewhat more similar specs to the Switch, and on the PS3, the X/X-2 collection clocks in at 22.89GB, so still a bit more than the magic 16GB limit. I guess they could compress it down to 16, but it does seem like they won't be bothered to.

That's a fair point, thanks!

Thanks Square Enix, you won't be getting any money from me. I will not support this shoddy practise.

And also the game is 20€ more expensive than the ps4 release. Happy nintendo fans ?

of course it is, its a new release on a new platform. no way they are going to put 2 ff games in the market for 20 bucks

FFX/X2 is 30€ on the ps store. 30€ releases exist, typically for remasters and for packs including up to 3 games sometimes. It seems like exactly the price this should be. I don't think I'm being unreasonable there.

It's actually €30 more expensive on Switch. Also, PS4 players get both games physically, while Switch owners technically own it until the Switch eShop closes or until their Switch breaks. And you can't trade, sell or lend X-2 HD Remaster on Switch, it's a one time use. And the game is devalued if you do decide to sell/trade the game on.

Sun Jan 20 19 01:21pm
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You own your PS4 copy until disc rot claims the data on it too, and that's for both games at the same time there, so I'd still rather pay a little extra and remain sure to be able to play it in ten years from now.

For the record I will not buy any release that's not complete on the cart, as I do not condone those practices either. Waiting to hear about the Japanese release to see if it will be complete there but the slightly higher price compared to FFXII Zodiac Age also on Switch seems to hint at a larger cartridge release for the two games than for FFXII.

FFXIITZA is actually the same price as the other version so this one is fair at least.

Sun Jan 20 19 01:52pm
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There, 47€ for FFXII and 55€ for FFX/X2. So, in my opinion anyway, the difference in price seems to indicate a larger cartridge, since in Europe both releases are the same price.



I agree with your different points, except that the game is 30€ on the ps store, so that makes the Switch version effectively 20€ more expensive.

It's 55€ in Japan, where it is actually more expensive than FFXII, so it will prbably be a larger cartridge than FFXII's... probably because it will be complete on it there?

Oh okay, I understand what you meant then.
It could be a 5€ difference because they are absorbing the cost of a bigger cartridge, it's going to be interesting if that's the case since it would give us an idea of how much of an impact a bigger cartroidge can have on the pricing.

It's less than €20 on Amazon and physical is always better.

Sun Jan 20 19 12:40pm
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How much more does a 32GB card cost anyeay? I would rather pay extra and have both on one cart.

The thing is we are already paying more, and I would have been less annoyed if at least there was some sort of reason behind it, like for example, you're paying more but that's because of a big cart containing both games. I don't think it would justify the price difference, mind you, but at least it would be a bit easier to swallow. As it is now, we're paying more, a lot more actually, for a worst package.

If they would give us the choice things would be way better. Personally I would pay extra if I could have both games on one cart. Specially games like Bayo and other big favourites. Even FFx/X2. And then others coulddoit like it is now.

I use my Switch 99% as a home console and I never play "big games" like Zelda or SMO in handheld (I do play some Smash ultimate when in the kitchen though and that works damn well for some "odd" reason)., so the handeld thing doesn't really apply to me in such cases as this one, so I can just get them on PS4 then.

Not really surprised since it was the same for the Vita release.

Did the Vita truly get the HD remasters or just ports of the PS2 games? Because after a swift google search it seems the UMD discs for the Vita went to 1.8 GB.

Where can I find a Vita that used UMD?

Sorry! My bad. Let me be tired on a Sunday ;)

But then aagin, the carts for the Vita werent really big either..4GB or so?

At least in Japan, they offered both games physically on separate releases.

I would love to be a gamer in Japan at times. They even have arcades still Smile

The Vita version also did this, but the Vita Cart limit was only 4gbs.

Thanks for the expensive storage media, Nintendo.

Sun Jan 20 19 01:57pm
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Do you have a cheaper idea for the hybrid Switch? It's not like they could just shove a BR player in the little thing.

Sun Jan 20 19 02:12pm
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The choice with going for gamecards was quite required for the Switch. Luckily you can also just use MicroSD cards and download the game entirely (unlike on the PSVita)

And if Nintendo would've gone for normal boxed SD cards for games then pirates would've had a field day with the Switch...

If it's two in one (with one download code) I'm not really against this. Since you still get a physical box and card.

Using either 2 gamecards or shrinking the game to fit one card is either expensive or reduces the quality.

Sun Jan 20 19 02:31pm
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may I remind the people who do not see any issues that at the end of this month the wii store closes FOR GOOD!

disk rot (excluding mega cd and those early saturn and psx games) takes far longer than 10 years to happen

Sun Jan 20 19 03:04pm
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Oh, oh this can just piss right off then, I was hoping that the over inflated price tag was to cover a 32GB cart, but if you're still expecting me to download a whole game because you're moneygrubbing cheapskates, then you can take this game and shove it.

Exactly the same here.


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