Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Sakurai discusses scrapped ideas, Smash Ballot additions and more

The following information was translated from a Nintendo Dream interview with Masahiro Sakurai...

- Decidueye was almost chosen for the new Pokémon spot
- Zelda is confirmed to be based on Link to the Past AND Link Between Worlds
- Xenoblade 2 and ARMS characters just had bad timing for the project plan
- Belmont boys, Ridley and King K Rool were added due to the Smash Ballot
- King K Rool's concept was to be a heavy, but do things that a heavy character normally wouldn't be able to do
- Piranha Plant was decided because it's a character that isn't a hero. Sakurai and the team felt if all the characters were heros it'd be a bit boring. Also, the Piranha Plant is well known

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Lol, piranha plant is a brilliant idea, where's your sense of humour?

Mon Jan 21 19 06:17am
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Not putting ARMS or Xenoblade 2 fighters in the base game due to timing makes sense, but I think most of us would have preferred if they kept them for DLC. That's just an assumption from my opinion, though. I can see why people would prefer the more unexpected choices, but I like having characters I'm familiar with from Nintendo games.

Yeah you're right. It doesn't make sense that if a character had bad timing they are just doomed to never be in the game while DLC exists.

Piranha is one of the more interesting picks they could have made, for many reasons, so I am glad Sakurai decided to make it a fighter. I feel it is mostly a pick he just wanted to do himself ultimately. Like, giving us a whole bunch of the most-wanted picks, and then picking one for himself.

Excited to finally use Piranha Plant soon!

Not only that but from the little video he seems like a good fighter. Also, he has charm (so far). Before I saw hin in early action and had just heard that he was being added I was facepalming... But that little clip made me smile.

Yeah, Sakurai is great at giving personality and/or charm to very weird characters. Game & Watch, Wii Fit Trainer, and now Piranha Plant. He looks fun, has a very unique moveset, and sorta-almost makes Petey playable after all these years, hah.

The idea of PP in Smash sounds very weird, but it is a thing you gotta see first. It works surprisingly well. XD

Mon Jan 21 19 01:43pm
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The idea of PP in Smash sounds very weird

The entire series is weird. And just getting weirder. I mean Pikachu vs Link vs Peach vs Solid Snake vs Kirby vs Bayonetta vs Simon vs Piranha Plant... All at the same time... On the Midgard stage from FF7 with assist trophies from damn many games and all crazy items. All this in a two and a half minute fight!

I have showed both Smash Wii U and Smash Ultimate to some friends who arent big Nintendo fans and they just "WHAT?". Is fun =)

EDIT: It's entropic ;)!

Its movement looks hilarious, as if its always tripping over. Piranha's going to be so much fun.

The Piranha Plant is the lamest character EVER in Super Smash Bros? They may as well have put a rusty bucket in the game. It's a wasted character slot.

Lol, piranha plant is a brilliant idea, where's your sense of humour?

If it were Tingle or Fawful or any reasonably significant funny character that easily fits the criteria Sakurai apparently went with it would be plenty funny... piranha plant is more like any of the bad plot twists littering Star Wars 8... no amount of people insisting this is a good thing will change the fact that it is clearly a bad thing...

Don't feed the trolls.

Come on, he's not a troll, just good at looking at the negative side of things. That's also an important perspective.

I admire your optimism.

Tue Jan 22 19 01:47am
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With you on that, Piranha Plant has been part of Nintendo since forever, add to that the comedy value of getting a beating from a plant...

As long as it's victory pose has it shouting "Feed me, Seymour!" to the losers, the plant is fine in my book.

I see what you did there! :D

Thu Jan 24 19 02:22pm
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFx7kfHnKg8 Actual reveal trailer (never released).

If ARMS characters are added as DLC It will be great. I liked the addition of Belmont, K. Tool and Ridley, but another character I would love to see and voted for in the ballot is King Arthur from Ghosts'n'Goblins

I said it before and I'll say it again, Min Min from ARMS would make an excellent DLC fighter

I wasn’t a huge fan of ARMS as a game on the whole, loved everything about it except for the gameplay...it was fun for a bit but didn’t have the staying power it needed. Still, no character from it is a crying shame. Nintendo making a fighting game aside from Smash and then not giving it a stage and character to represent it is nuts. I’d love to see some ARMS DLC for Smash but given that they seem to want the DLC to be as popular and fan pleasing as possible I can’t see it happening.

Agreed, although I would say that I’m a huge fan of ARMS. No ARMS playable characters in this Smash is absolutely nuts. Springtron would be the best fit for Smash, by the way.

Springtron isn't a good representation of the game, and they don't really need a counter thing. Any character's special ability could work for their down special.

ARMS did decently well. I still join in when there's a Party Crash, and people are still playing it. So it's not the failure that people might have you believe.

Oh definitely, it did do well. Over 2 million copies worldwide is an awesome number for a new IP. But in terms of DLC, I just don’t think Nintendo are going to be pushing for characters like the ones from ARMS. With Joker being announced and being as out of left field as possible, I think the trend for these characters has been set. ARMS DLC would be awesome but the response to one of those characters getting in would pale in comparison to the reaction a beloved third party character would get.

That's true. I'm not expecting any ARMS character. They are all going to be surprising 3rd parties. But remember, for the Wii U we got a character like Corrin mixed in with big name 3rd parties like Cloud and Ryu. So it's not like Sakurai would never do something like add a new Nintendo character among 3rd parties. He's just not doing it this time around.

I didn’t play ARMS but was surprised not to see a character in Smash Ultimate. I would have thought for sure they would have used Smash to (re)advertise ARMS.

Looking forward to Pirahna Plant! It’s goofy and sure to be a fun character. A few salty peeps won’t stop the fact that the majority like the inclusion.

To tell you the truth, I always though Spring Man (with Ribbon Girl as an alt) would be playable, using a variety of ARMS (pun intended) for their different attacks and not being limited to only one or two kinds of arms.

Sakurai and the team felt if all the characters were heros it'd be a bit boring

Yes it would have been boring if we were stuck with only heroic characters like Dark Samus and Ridley.

I don't think he means hero in the sense of fighting for justice, but rather a character who plays a big part in the franchise they're coming from, usually being a protagonist, strong supporting character or antagonist

What about Waluigi....


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