Wandersong's creator talks about the game's absolutely useless, but undeniably endearing feature

Wandersong is full of all kinds of unique, interesting, funny, and endearing moments. A lot of those are hand-crafted experiences that took months to put together. Then there's the one feature that was thrown in towards the end of the game's development.

Wandersong allows the player to dance as they travel through their adventure. Dancing serves absolutely no purpose as far as gameplay goes. If that's the case, why was the feature included? Creator Greg Lobanov explains in a DualShockers interview.

“Wandersong is definitely about a lot of things but I think the dances really are just another thing that really perfectly encapsulates what this is really about. It’s a game about being ‘not the hero’ and about being a ‘not powerful,’ ‘not useful’ person and the dances are just meaningless self-expression. They don’t do anything in the game. They don’t further the plot in any way. They’re literally just ways to be silly and this game is so much about how important that is and how not important the stuff that’s ‘mandatory’ actually is.”

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Tue Jan 22 19 08:08pm
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There was not a moment I could have danced that I didn't do so. That was the BEST feature. That and the fact you could sing anytime.


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