China's biggest social media app is currently advertising a knockoff Pokemon game to users as soon as they log on

This is quite surprising. The social media app Weibo is absolutely massive in China, with millions upon millions of users logging in every single day. With the app's popularity, you'd think the team behind the service would be well-versed in what advertisements are appearing on their platform. That doesn't appear to be the case, as users are currently being hit with a Pokemon rip-off ad.

This isn't just some random ad that pops up while you're going about your business on Weibo. This is an ad that plays every single time you open up the app! How in the world a bootleg Pokemon advert made it to the login page for Weibo is the question all users are currently asking. Hopefully Weibo staff are already working to yank the ad from their service.

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This is staggering. They haven't even tried to avoid plagiarism here. If this was a Western developer, firstly, there would be respect, and secondly, would haul them through the courts so fast. How is it that these Chinese companies are so brazen and that they get away with so much?

Things like this are fairly common in China in many different aspects of life (I live in China). I could literally walk to a market right now and buy knock-off Nike shoes, emulator Game Boys, fake sunglasses and pretty much anything else if I wanted to. This is a great example of why the US and many other western countries have so many qualms with Chinese trade practices (especially in respect to IP laws, forced tech transfer, etc). They don't give a fudge.

looks like a real pikachu to me.

This absolute disregard for IP is at the core of the Chinese economy. If they wanna remain competitive, they will have to start nipping this stuff in the bud before there's an issue. I know most people don't like him, but Trump is right on this issue, and the entire world should stand united to stop China from perpetuating this practice.


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