The final 10 minutes of the Wii Shop Channel

The Wii Shop Channel is no more, boys and girls. I hope you got all the games you wanted to get while it was still open! In the video above, we get to see the final 10 minutes of the shop. You'll be missed, old friend.

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R.I.P Wii Shop Channel 2006-2019.

I am currently on the Wii Shop Channel as I type this. Looks like NoA was off by 1 day. It has almost 9 hours of life left supposedly according to Nintendo of Australia.

Wed Jan 30 19 03:47pm
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I think it's just for buying new games with remaining points. The redownload ability will remain "for now".

The ability to redownload software you bought ends today.

Straight from NOA's Q&A:

September 29, 2017: The day it was announced that the Wii Shop will close in 2019.

March 26, 2018: The last day to have purchased points in the Wii Shop or redeem Points Cards in the Wii Shop.

January 29, 2019: The last day to purchase software in the Wii Shop.

In the future, we will be closing all services related to the Wii Shop Channel, including redownloading purchased WiiWare, Virtual Console titles, and Wii Channel, as well as Wii System Transfer Tool, which transfers data from Wii to the Wii U system.

Unless that's changed and they didn't update the support page, you can still redownload for the time being. Granted, the "in the future" could very well be a week from now.

Ah, good eye! I was mistaken.

Right, that ability will remain for an unknown time, but it officially closed for any new sales 5 minutes ago at 1AM EST. Any unused points are now worthless.

This person has so many games they decided not to redownload and now never will.

The redownload option shows up if the game is not on the internal memory. If the game is on an inserted SD card, the Shop can't see it.

Right I forgot about that.

that person is me and I had a bunch of stuff on my SD card but some stuff I just flat out never redownloaded for the following:

Owned it on Wii U VC: After all, I don't need Wario's Woods, Ice Climber, or SMB1-3 since I own them on Wii U VC, famicom mini and even the NSO app, so those things I left to save space. Same with Sonic 2 genesis. I made sure before going one last time that all my apps would boot on my wii (since some required a redownload from the system transfer)

It's not worth keeping: A bunch of wiiware demos/shovelware I tried out growing up, I won't really miss so I never downloaded them since they take up a ton of space

So don't worry, i have no wii shop regrets... Save for not importing a JPN wii and loading it up.

Wed Jan 30 19 11:01pm
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So how do we get the Wii shop games that are locked to the Wii now?

Guess emulation is the only bet here ..

for wiiware stuff, yeah pretty much

Though to be frank there was barely anything of note on Wiiware worth saving that isn't already ported save for the stuff Hudson and Konami put out that were sequels to retro games. Especially Castlevania Rebirth. I do have confidence most of those will reappear in the future, though.

As for VC stuff? Well, that's technically something you can get with real money for real systems now but nobody will buy Dynastic Hero for anything more than the $8 it was on VC and not to mention the obscure titles Japan got that are rare in the wild, along with prototypes that had to be dumped from the VC version like Ironclad

Should make a clarification that while some parts of the shop went down today, it seems the actual game list didn't vanish until just a moment ago. So this isn't quite the final 10 minutes I recorded, but it is the final moments of a usable, buyable store before they started to dismantle it (server errors plagued me trying to record this)


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