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Thu Jan 31 19 10:14pm
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I think it will be eventually good. Wish it was good now

Thu Jan 31 19 10:28pm
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In ten years Nintendo’s online will be closer to where it should be today. Of course by then they’ll be behind in whole new ways.

That's a good.attitude. I remember when Wiiware and the VC started on Wii and it was okay but as it grew it really turned into.something special. It was sad to see it go.

I think it will be eventually good.

I hope this means we get snes, Gba and gb games.

Right now it's just a thing you have to pay if you want to play online. I really think Nintendo can, and probably will, make it into something more than that.

That's 1/4 of the install base. At that low price, it sounds really bad.

...a paid service that expands the online functionality of the Nintendo Switch.
No it didn't. At least not right now...

Their definition of expand is to take away, hold behind a pay wall and then not give everything back. The only thing Nintendo is expanding are their coffers, 8 million subscribers strong.

I think you're forgetting the online NES games.

The 'Online' part on that is just opening the app while online with a Nintendo Online-approved user, then you can shut it off and play it the same.

Even wanting to count that in though, talk about a stretch for listing something 'positive' this miserable subscription plan has brought new thus far... Can we remember that the Wii Shop is no more, again?

I'm just saying it does expand it by giving NES games, some of which have added online play. But regardless whether you're online or not, those NES games are still provided through the online service. So dude saying that it hasn't been expanded, just isn't true.

On the other hand, paying for online that was initially free and seemingly adds nothing to improve multiplayer is for the birds.

Sat Feb 02 19 06:54pm
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Yeah. Just NES games, something that we've been paying and playing since the Wii days, plus the NES classic... but with online.
Are you saying that alone is worth the subscription?

Other than that, why pay for online peer-to-peer multiplayer when it was free more than a year? Between free and paid online Switch experience, it still feels like the same with no upgrades and still frequent disconnections...

Mon Feb 04 19 01:26am
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I was just being technical, you know...we aren't paying for online play and nothing else is being offered. But yeah, you're right, the games offered are pretty old and in my case been playing them since the original NES. lol

Anyway, it seems to be a growing virtual library that is only in its infancy and could sprout into something awesome, maybe.

We all knew that Nintendo would wait until after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out to announce these figures. It's very vague, how many maybe just subscribed for 3 months to play SSBU primarily? How many are on family plans, are they subscribed for a year? This service is a scam, we could play Smash Bros online on the Wii/3DS/Wii U for free, but it's put behind an artificial paywall on Switch. There's no dedicated servers for any of their games. It's just a means to line their pockets and doing very little in return. I'm not interested in 30+ year old NES games, that you only rent btw, and which I already own multiple times on other platforms. 8 million subscribers out of 32 million isn't great and there are 4 million SSBU players who haven't subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online.

It doesn't say that it's 8 million "active" subscribers, there could be a whole load of people that paid for a month, didn't like it and didn't renew their subscription. I've read of a number of people that did that. Nintendo have a long way to make this a better service. And I've said before that I think this is the basic package, if Nintendo add anything, like SNES games, you'll have to pay extra. And the same goes for any subsequent systems added. They may wait until next September to do so when the annual subscription is up for renewal.

There's one crucial little blurb missing from this story.

"Note: Includes accounts within Family Memberships"

It's not that there are 8 million customers paying for Nintendo Switch Online.

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