Nintendo teases unannounced Switch games, including one that will delight fans, and one tailored to Switch Online

It's always nice to hear sales data and all that, but as fans, we're always hungry for details on new games. During Nintendo's fiscal briefing, it turns out they did share a couple of vague tidbits on upcoming titles.

- Nintendo is preparing at an unannounced title for Switch in FY19 that "fans would be delighted to know."
- there are also other unannounced titles for Switch in FY19, including "one that is a nice fit to the online program."

Who wants to start guessing what these titles are? I have no idea, but I bet we find out at E3 2019!

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I can finally end my hunger strike.

Fri Feb 01 19 12:50am
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I'm intrigued! It may be a while, as it's the financial year and not the real one.
My predictions, assuming they are part of existing franchises:
Game to delight fans: StarFox Something (A sequel to 64), Mother 3 or F Zero
Game tailored to Switch Online: StarFox Grand Prix or a co-op Zelda.

I mean a Direct should be coming soon as well, right?

That's possible, but there could just as likely not be a Direct for a while.

That would be a pretty dumb marketing decision.

If it's one game, it's definitely Star Fox Grand Prix.

If there's a second game, the obvious answer is none other than Urban Champion HD. Finally, our long global nightmare will come to an end.

Oh that second one will set a record for budget at least.

I can finally end my hunger strike.

That fans would be delighted to know

New Kirby Air ride???

That fans would be delighted to know

Metroid Prime Soccer

MegaMan Soccer 2 when??

Hopefully one of those is DKC related. If its a new F-Zero though... :D

So, one that risks to be just a logo screenshot a-la Metroid 4 for E3 2019 and one which -judging by that wording- will require the Online Tax to play like 90% of it, like Arms/Splatoon 2. Got it.

Sorry for the snark overload, but I just -can't- be positive on anything with the Nintendo Online program being name-dropped, these days...

After the Metroid Prime 4 debacle I'd be very pleased if Metroid Prime Trilogy HD was finally announced. Cleaned up visuals, multiple control options and the restoration of the effects that were lost in the Wii release - that's all I'd need to make me a content Metroid fan.

As for my guess about the online game, I guess I'd be surprised if it was something that justified the Switch Online service. I'd be happy to pay the $20 if it felt worth it.

It might be asking too much but I hope that if the Metroid Prime Trilogy HD is real that it gets the Shadow of the Colossus PS4, Crash N'Sane Trilogy full visual overhaul. As musch as the visuals still hold up I'd like to see more than just a resolution bump and HD textures. Give me shaders, enhanced lighting, etc

That would be amazing but I can't see Nintendo putting forth that kind of effort. Three games would be an awful lot of work. Maybe if they just remade the first Prime.

Fri Feb 01 19 05:07am
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Nintendo thinks a lot of things would delight fans. That doesn't mean they will.


- there are also other unannounced titles for Switch in FY19, including "one that is a nice fit to the online program."

Can Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Switch Online count as "one"?

Can't wait to see stupid people Rumor Blaze with this then blame Nintendo for not fulfilling their own stupid expectations.

Ugh Ugly Thumbnail, though if it's her seeing her well-deserved death either in Smash or someplace else neat.

Fri Feb 01 19 08:38am
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Could it be possible that they mean kid Icarus uprising?

Or Starfox Zero perhaps?

I like SF:Zero but I don't believe that title would make many "delighted". Even if it's a complete overahaul StarFox isn't an attractive IP at this point.

The funny thing is that saying it like that would inevitably disappoint people that aren't into whatever they announce.

I wanna believe in something exciting like F-Zero or perhaps a Mother/Earthbound Collection, but I'm gonna keep my hype levels low. For example, I'm expecting an HD remaster collection of Super Mario Galaxy or that rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy HD over something out of left field. Both of those games will excite fans, but not as much as something brand new and completely unexpected.

"Hey Pikmin 2" and "F-Zero: Happy Garage Designer"

“Fans would be delighted to know? Oh, I bet it’s [bygone franchise only 10 fans care about]!”

- Nintendo is preparing at an unannounced title for Switch in FY19 that "fans would be delighted to know."

Wii Music 2 all but confirmed. 😜

But really, I hope it's a new F-Zero.

It'll be Labo x Wii Fit. "Go for the walk of your life with your new cardboard gear and live a new fitting adventure."

I'll even take a GX port, since I just think it'll be impossible to do a followup to that without it being an expensive title to make. Also holding that thought, it's kind of sad they only used that Gamecube port engine for the Zelda games. Considering most haven't been rereleased in a long time, many people would be delighted to replay several titles of that era.

If they gave us Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, and Pikmin 4, that would hold me over til the new Pokémon game.

I would hope they would NEVER intentionally release a game we would not be "delighted to know."

Fri Feb 01 19 01:13pm
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Only one that will delight fans? Surely you want all of them to delight ;)

A game “suited for online” is surely not a game for me unfortunately. Hopefully it does delight those interested in that type of experience.

A Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X would definitely delight me.

Wii u complete anthology port

F-zero,a tradicional paper Mario like The First 2 game of The series or Metroid Prime Trilogy are my best for The mysterious game They are teasing

My predictions:

-Fans will be delighted to know: Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Good fit for online: SNES games

Style Savvy is finally on it's way to slay the Switch


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