Nintendo Q&A tidbits - Female devs, game addiction, first-party games on track, Miyamoto guiding newcomers, Switch forecast revision, and more

As you are aware, Nintendo held an investor briefing to talk about their third quarter financial results, and answer questions from investors/analysts. While we wait for the official English translation of those questions, we do have some fan-translations from the Japanese PDF. Check out a round-up of tidbits from that Q&A session below.

- Nintendo says game addiction isn't about games, but the excessive amount of time players spend with games
- measures have been implemented in order to combat game addiction
- Nintendo wants to improve their measures to combat game addiction, and make them more aware to consumers and parents
- there are many women working in developing software for Nintendo, especially on design teams
- there are many developers who have gave birth to children in the apartment
- Nintendo feels they've created a good working environment for women who have given birth or have children
- Nintendo reminds everyone that the director of the Animal Crossing is female
- after visiting video game studios in the west, Miyamoto felt the proportion of females working at Nintendo is higher
- Nintendo says not as many women work in system and hardware development
- the number of women at the hardware division is very low as compared to the software division
- Nintendo thinks the ratio of men and women working in hardware development could very well change in the future
- in the span of a few decades, game development has become much more streamlined
- development teams have grown larger, and developers could work from any location around the world
- the volume of games, project scope, and processes have all increased
- Nintendo’s experience and know-how in making games has helped them to better tackle these issues
- first party games are rarely delayed
- all Switch games planned to launch in 2019, including unannounced titles, will launch as planned without delays
- Miyamoto is in the process of guiding the younger generation of developers at Nintendo
- Miyamoto says it's important to nurture developers in making games with a fun and “core concept”
- these developers repeatedly refine their game concepts and ideas to ensure they are fun for everyone
- Miyamoto felt the development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which had a large team, was smooth from start to finish
- Nintendo felt they did not do enough to convey the appeal of Switch and its games to consumers during the holiday season
- Switch sales between April 2018 and September 2018 were “slightly higher” than the same period the previous year
- the increase was not large enough, so it affected their forecast and sales target for this fiscal year
- Nintendo plans on “increasing the appeal of the Switch to consumers, and ensuring the lineup of new upcoming titles is full to the brim.”

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Oh just show me something from Bayonetta 3 already, Nintendo/Platinum. AT least a trailer as you did with Bayo 2.

At this rate I'd take any mention from Platinum Games. I know they're working on a lot of projects but it's anyone's guess what they plan to show next.

Well, from what I gather the game has been in development for some time now (perhaps around two years?) so I truly think we will see something this year. But if it hits the selves this year is another question. We still have no idea how big the team on the game is, but since it's a Bayonetta game it should be prioritized pretty good. I'll try to keep calm, but that ain't easy when it comes to Bayonetta ;)

Since the Star Fox Zero team was the same one as Bayonetta 2 I'd say that thats likely the same team as Bayonetta 3, so the game has been at least in development since March 2016, if not even before then.

Taht could very well be so. And when they (unsure if it was kKamiya or PG in general) Tweeted in march(?) 2017 that they had a surprise exclusive for Switch, I am pretty sure that Bayonetta 3 is that one. But, funny enough, I have seen people think they started development just before they showed the teaser at the game awards. Also, I see people thinking Bayonetta 3 will get cancelled and moved to another team... I have tried to explain why that's not happening, but crickets. =O

I mean people think that any developer X is doing a million different things with any game Y so I'm not surprised. But it seems to be far along by now. Bayonetta 2's announcement trailer was nearly identical to 3's, and it came out just 2 years after, so a 2019 release is very likely.

Indeed. Oh and, they obviously have been working on the game long before they showed off the teaser. I mean, come on. Developing a game is not just graffixx and proggramzing, but story boeard, sketches...Oh YOU know what I mean.I wouldn't be surprised to see the game late this year. I at least hope so. In any case, we should at least see more from it.

"-there are many developers who have gave birth to children in the apartment "
Want to try translating that one again?

Sun Feb 03 19 02:55pm
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I think it's a typo or a problem with auto correct. Change apartment to Department and it makes a lot more sense, lol.

Hope so, or else Nintendo is some damn weird company Smile

Okay that makes a lot more sense, thank you so much.

I haven't looked at it but I would guess that either the word for "apartment" in Japanese has multiple other English translations and the translator accidentally picked the most literal or maybe misread/heard "department" as "apartment". I can't remember if Japanese uses a variation of the English word for both of them.

So, best guess, it is supposed to say "there are many developers in this department who have given birth to children."

The Japanese word for apartment is apa-to アパート and the Japanese word for department is Bumon 部門 so I don't quite think this was an issue on the Japanese side, likely a typo or auto-correct as someone else said.
Or everyone in Nintendo is going a bit crazy.


If you have some extra time....

Or everyone in Nintendo is going a bit crazy

Sometimes I do wonder...

- measures have been implemented in order to combat game addiction
- Nintendo wants to improve their measures to combat game addiction, and make them more aware to consumers and parents

So can we look forward to the reimplementation of this? 😜

"will launch as planned without delays "
Until they get delayed, because there is no way they can be sure of this at this time.
Unless of course Nintendo decides to not delay a game even if it needs it, which is not good news, that is a really bad idea.

Looking at recent events, if it needs delayed it will be. What I take from this is the games releasing this year are mostly pretty far along in development, that they didnt have games they are rushing trying to fit in this year. Also because of that it seems Metroid Prime 4 wasn't planned for this year anyways.

Oh for sure, after Prime 4 I don't think Nintendo is against delaying things when they need to, I just think this is a really odd way to phrase that.

first party games are rarely delayed

Screams in Hylian!

Yoshi Crafted World was literally delay this past year.

Yoshi's Crafted World isn't developed by Nintendo, but by third-party developer Goodfeel.
I don't know if Nintendo considers Yoshi's Crafted World as a first-party game.

"the volume of games, project scope, and processes have all increased"
That was a good laugh

In the words of Danity Kane
"Actions speak louder than words you've gotta show me something"

Wonder what the real translation ends up being...


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