SXSW seems to be teasing something Sonic-related for tomorrow

SEGA has a recent history of announcing/revealing Sonic-related things at SXSW Gaming, and it seems like that's going to happen again tomorrow. No idea what it's going to be, but the wording definitely lends itself to Sonic. We'll keep tabs and bring you any relevant info.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Mon Feb 04 19 05:29pm
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A movie game please

Not interested in Team Sonic Racing

Are they going to remove Zavok from TSR?

Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer tomorrow. Prepare yourselves everybody..the internet is gonna explode..

Sonic 06 HD

wait a minute...

Sonic mania 2 with original levels and less of existing ones.

Did anything happen?


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